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The following is an evolving partial list of LHC-related physics topics that Fermilab theorists are (i) working on, (ii) would like to work on, or (iii) have worked on in the past and are still interested to discuss. Initials attached to each topic correspond to theorists named at the end of this page.

I. Beyond the Standard Model (including Higgs):

I.a. SUSY related
  • Inclusive BSM searches (especially SUSY), focused on strategies for the first 1 to 10 fb-1. Techniques for model discrimination using only low integrated luminosity samples. (MC,BD,JL)
  • SUSY+jets. Understanding extra radiation in SUSY events. To what extent does this extra radiation impact the reconstruction of cascade decays? (PS)
  • Stops, search strategies, especially light stops relevant to baryogenesis and dark matter. (MC,JL)
  • Diphoton+jets signatures for GMSB (Gauge-mediated SUSY breaking) models. (MC)
  • R-parity violating SUSY. (PS)
  • SUSY decays with taus. (JL)
  • B_s -> mu+mu-. (MC)

I.b. Higgs

  • MSSM Higgs benchmarks. (MC)
  • CP violating Higgs. (MC)
  • Higgs to gamma gamma, e.g. NMSSM H1 -> AA -> photons. (BD)
  • VBF (Vector Boson Fusion) Higgs production, especially production of heavy Higgs in CP violating or NMSSM models, with decays H2-> H1+H1 -> bb+tautau. (MC)
  • Inclusive heavy Higgs production with decay to ditaus. (MC)
  • Charged Higgs production in association with top. (MC)

I.c. Extra Dimensions

  • Phenomenology of ADD large extra dimensions models, especially monojets, gamma+MET, Z+MET. (JL)
  • Phenomenology of UED (Universal Extra Dimensions) models. (BD,JL)
  • Dijet and multijet signatures of extra dimensions. (JL)
  • Deconstruction, topology and extra dimensions. (CH)

I.d. Other BSM topics

  • Phenomenology of Little Higgs models with conserved T parity, especially missing energy signatures. (CH,JH,JL)
  • Discriminating between BSM sources of high mass resonances (e.g. Z's, extra dimensions, Little Higgs, strings, etc.). (MC,BD,CH,JH,JL)
  • BSM models with signals in inclusive top channels, especially top resonances (e.g., topcolor, 4th generation, Little Higgs, warped flavor models, 6DSM). (MC,BD,CH,JH,JL)
  • BSM models with heavy vectorlike quarks (e.g. Little Higgs, top see-saw, various extra dimensions). (BD,CH,JH)
  • LHC signatures of string winding modes. (JL)

II. SM@LHC (Standard Model physics and backgrounds at LHC)

  • Jet algorithms at the LHC and energy scale calibration signals (Z+jet, W->jet,jet in top production). (WG)
  • Luminosity measurement through e.g. W production and pdf uncertainties. (WG)
  • PDF determination through key processes such as di-jet, W+jet and Z+jet production . (WG)
  • NLO (Next-to-leading order) production of everything. (KE,WG)
  • The 'underlying event'. In particular, fragmentation and colour (reconnection?) aspects of the underlying event in hadron collisions. (PS)
  • 'Black Radiation' and 'Black Sudakovs': understanding difference between longitudinal DGLAP and transverse-momentum conserving PDF/shower evolution. (PS)
  • SS (Same-Sign) dilepton channel: how well can we understand the Standard Model and instrumental backgrounds? (JL)

III. Tools:

  • Matching of NLO matrix elements to parton showering Monte Carlo, leading to a new integrated generator: VIRCOL. (WG,PS)
  • Development of the PYTHIA 6.3 event generator. (PS)
  • Development of MCFM, a NLO parton generator. (KE)
  • Extending the SUSY Les Houches Accord to include both the NMSSM, and the MSSM with CP, R-parity, and flavour violation. (PS)
  • Event generator for the NMSSM (Next-to-Minimal SUSY Standard Model), which combines CalcHEP, NMHDecay, and PYTHIA. (PS)
  • Development of CPsuperH, a generator for CP violating MSSM Higgs. (MC)
  • Simulation tools for extra dimensions models, including validation of existing event generators (e.g Sherpa, private codes). (JL)

MC = Marcela Carena
BD = Bogdan Dobrescu
KE = Keith Ellis
WG = Walter Giele
CH = Chris Hill
JH = Jay Hubisz
JL = Joe Lykken
PS = Peter Skands

Send comments to Joe Lykken and Bogdan Dobrescu

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