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Date     Speaker   Title
Jan. 2
   No seminar.  Happy New Year!
Jan. 9
 Trung Le

 Antineutrino Production of Neutral Pions in MINERvA
Jan. 16  John Paul Chou

 New Physics from CMS: Hints from Run 1 and Prospects for Run 2
Jan. 23  Eun-Joo Ahn
 Surprising Results on the Composition of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
Jan. 30

 Hugh Lippincott

 Recent Results from PICO - Searching for Dark Matter with Bubble Chambers
Feb. 6
 Andrei Gaponenko
 Never throw away old data: using TWIST muons for Mu2e
Feb. 13  Peter Svoisky
 U. of Oklahoma

 New QCD measurements with charm, beauty, and weak bosons at D0
Feb. 20  Stephen Parke
 What We Really know about the Neutrino Mixing matrix
Feb. 27  Alex Drlica-Wagner
 Gamma-ray searches for Galactic dark matter substructure
Mar. 20  Hongxuan Liu

 Recent SUSY Results from CMS and Future Prospects
Mar. 27  Robert Lanza
 U. of Chicago 
 Limits on Gravitational Waves with the Holometer
Apr. 3
 short talks
 by Fermilab speakers

 Henryk Piekarz:  Development of HTS Based Rapid-Cycling Accelerator Magnets
 Phil DeMar:         Application-Oriented Network Traffic Analysis based on GPUs
 Hogan Nguyen:  CMB Detector Development at Fermilab
 Juan Estrada:     Prototype CCD Array at a Reactor Site for Detection
                            of Coherent  Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction

Apr. 10  John Campbell
 Top at Twenty
Apr. 17  Luca Malgeri       CERN
 Jim Olsen           Princeton

 Status of CMS on the Eve of Run 2

Apr. 24  Brian Yanny   - and -
 Alex Drilca-Wagner
 Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxies, Dark Matter, and
 Other Early Results from the Dark Energy Survey
May 1
 Daniel Whiteson
UC Irvine
 Observing Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with Smartphones
May 8
 Joel Mousseau
 U. of Florida

 First Search for EMC Effect and Shadowing in Neutrino Scattering at MINERvA
May 15  Si Xie
Cal Tech
 Higgs Boson Physics at CMS: Run 1 Legacy and Run 2 Projections
May 22  Kenneth Long
Imperial College London 
 MICE and the Next Generation of Muon Beams for Particle Physics
May 29
 Scott Dodelson
 Myth-Busters: Dark Energy Survey and South Pole Telescope
June 5
 Kevin Black
Boston U. 
 A Search for Vector-Like Quarks with the ATLAS Detector
June 12   
 User's meeting week. No seminar.
June 26  Carrie McGivern
 U. of Pittsburgh
 Charged Current Pion Production as Seen by Muons at MINERvA
July 3
 No seminar. Happy Holiday.
July 10  Vivek Jain
 SUNY Albany
 Search for Higgs Bosons produced in association with top quarks with ATLAS
July 24  Kendall Mahn
 Michigan State U.
 New antineutrino oscillation results from the T2K experiment
July. 31
 Joel Butler

 A Measurement of Bs→μ⁺μ⁻ at the LHC
Aug. 6
Thu, 2:00pm
Ryan Patterson
 First Oscillation Results from NOvA    (video)
Aug. 7
 Ryuichiro Kitano
 Strong CP Problem and Axion on the Lattice
Aug. 14  Gilad Perez
 Weizmann Institute

 Is the Higgs Mechanism of (light) Fermion Mass Generation a Fact?
 From Theory to Experiment

Aug. 21  Keith Ellis
 QCD in the 21st Century
Aug. 28  Artur Apresyan
 First Results and Prospects from CMS at 13 TeV
Sep. 4
 Josh Frieman
 Fermilab & U. Chicago
 Early Results from the Dark Energy Survey
Sep. 18  Jeremy Wolcott
 U. of Rochester
 Electron Neutrino Quasi-Elastic Scattering and Observation
 of Neutral-Current  Diffractive-like Process at MINERvA
Sep. 25  Boris Tuchming
 Recent Top-Quark Results from D0
Oct. 2
 Paris Sphicas
 Athens and CERN
 Summary of LHC results from LHCP2015 and outlook
Oct. 9
 Arie Bodek

 Precise measurement of the weak mixing angle
 and indirect determination of the W boson mass at CDF
Oct. 16  Mike Hance
 UC, Santa Cruz
 Searches for Exotic Diboson Resonances at ATLAS
Oct. 23  Ben Loer
 SuperCDMS Now and Tomorrow (ppt)
Oct. 30  Hans Danielsson
 The NA62 Experiment
Nov. 6
 Antonio Boveia 
 Searches for Dark Matter at ATLAS
Nov. 13
 US LHC Users Meeting (see agenda).  No Seminar.
Nov. 20  Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez
  U. of Nebraska
 Recent Results from CMS on Top and Higgs
Nov. 27
 No seminar. Happy Holiday!
Dec. 4

 Results from the Holometer
Dec. 11
 Results from MINERvA
Dec. 18
Dec. 25
 No seminar. Happy Holidays!

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