Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar 2016

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Date     Speaker   Title
Jan. 1
   No seminar.  Happy New Year!
Jan. 8
 Jeff Nelson
 William and Mary

 Neutrino and Antineutrino Charged Current Inclusive Cross Sections
 and Flux Measurements in MINERvA

Jan. 15  Sergo Jindariani

 Exploring the Unknown: First Searches for New Physics in 13 TeV CMS Data
Jan. 22  Brendan Kiburg
 Muon g-2: a view from the field
Jan. 29  Joe Carlson
 Los Alamos
 Electron and Neutrino Scattering from Nuclei: What's Past is Prologue
Feb. 5
 Chris Marshall
 U. of Rochester

 Kaon production from neutrinos at MINERvA
Feb. 12
 Ben Jones
 Univ. of Texas, Arlington

 Results of the Search for Sterile Neutrinos with IceCube
Feb. 12
 Daniel Holz
 U. of Chicago (LIGO)
 Marcelle Soares-Santos
 Fermilab (DES)

 An Update from LIGO and the DES Followup Campaign
Feb. 19
 Regina Demina
 U. of Rochester

 "Standard but not boring" The latest Standard model measurements for CMS
Feb. 25
 Daria Zieminska
 Indiana U.
 Observation of a new resonance state in the B_s pi system
Feb. 26  Xuebing Bu

 Electron neutrino charged-current inclusive cross section measurement in NOvA
Mar. 4
 Masao Sako
 U. of Pennsylvania

 Exploring the Transient Sky with the Dark Energy Survey
Mar. 11
 Javier Tiffenberg

 New Results from DAMIC at SNOLab
Mar. 18
 Michelangelo Mangano
 Precision physics with high-energy colliders: challenges and opportunities
Mar. 25  Anatael Cabrera
 APC Paris

 Double Chooz: First Multi-Detector Results
Apr. 1
 Claudio Campagnieri   
 UC Santa Barbara
 Winter 2016 Results from CMS
Apr. 8
 Jonathan Asaadi
 UT Arlington
 LArIAT First Pion Cross Section Results    (video)
Apr. 15
 Chris Meyer
 U. of Pennsylvania
 Search for new physics in ATLAS high-mass diphoton events
Apr. 22  Or Hen
 Nucleon Correlations, Neutrino Interactions, and CP Violations in the Leptonic
Apr.  29
 Alexander Schmidt
 U. of Hamburg & CERN
 Searches for BSM physics at CMS in Events with Third Generation Quarks
May 6
 Jesse Thaler

 Probing the Core of QCD with Jet Substructure
May 13  Tao Han
 Pittsburgh U.
 Physics at Future Hadron Colliders
May 20  LDRD-fest!
 Fermilab speakers

 Eric Flumerfelt - Off the shelf DAQ
 Sarah Lockwitz - HV in Liquid Argon
 Michael Wang - Pattern Recognition with an Automata Processor
 Sam Posen - Nb3Sn RF Cavities 

May 27
 Lidia Dell'Asta
 Boston U.

 Higgs into final states with taus at ATLAS
June 3
 Andreas Meyer
 Top Quark Physics at Run-II of CMS: Results, Prospects and Challenges
June 10  Alain Blondel
 Geneva & CERN
 Physics at the 100km Future Circular Collider (FCC-ee): From precision  measurements to right-handed neutrinos.
June 17

 Results from MINERvA
June 24  Rick Field
 U. of Florida
 Rick's Story of the Underlying Event
July 1

July 8  Markus Diefenthaler

July 15

 Results from PICO
July 22

 Results from DES
July. 29

 Results from CMS
Aug. 5

 ICHEP in Chicago - no seminar
Aug. 12  Yifang Wang

Aug. 19

Aug. 26
 Shih-Chieh Hsu
 U. of Washington
 Results from ATLAS 
Sep. 2

 Simplicity 2016
Sep. 9

Sep. 16
 Results from CMS
Sep. 23

Sep. 30
 Daniel Hayden
 Michigan State

 Results from ATLAS
Oct. 7

 Results from MINERvA
Oct. 14

Oct. 21

 Results from CMS
Oct. 28

Nov. 4

Nov. 11

Nov. 18

 Results from CMS
Nov. 25

 No seminar. Happy Holiday!
Dec. 2


Dec. 9

 Results from CMS
Dec. 16

Dec. 23
No seminar. Happy Holidays!

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