Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

2003 Seminars:

Date   Speaker Title
Dec. 5 Mary Bishai
Beauty and Charm Production at the Tevatron
Nov. 14 Owen Long
The angles of the triangle. Recent and future results from Babar
Oct. 24 Stefan Westerhoff
Columbia Univ.
HiRes: Mapping the High Energy Universe
Oct. 17 Sally Dawson
A Roadmap for Colliders
International workshop on future hadron colliders
Oct. 10 Albert de Roeck
The Interplay between LHC and LC
Oct. 3 Mark Chen
Queen's University
New Results from SNO with Enhanced Neutral Current Sensitivity
Sept. 26 Michael Ramsey-Musolf
Caltech and Univ of. Connecticut
Sept. 19 Michele Arneodo
Univ. del Piemonte Orientale,
Novara and INFN-Torino
Diffraction at High Energy Colliders
( Workshop on Small-x, Diffraction and Rapidity Gap)
Sept. 12 Gary Feldman
NuMI off-axis nu_e appearance experiment
( NuMI Off-Axis Experiment Detector Workshop )
Sept. 5 Chris Quigg
The Double Simplex: Envisioning Particles and Interactions
Aug. 22 Jonathan Link
Columbia Univ.
Future Measurements of sin^2 2theta_13 at Nuclear Reactors
Aug. 15

XXI International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High energies
Aug. 8 Aaron Dominguez (LBNL)
Robert Kehoe (Michigan State Univ.)
New Run II results: CDF and D0
Aug. 1 Albert Stebbins
Correlating WMAP & SDSS
or The Top Ten Reasons to Study Dark Energy
July 25 Ulrich Baur
SUNY, Buffalo
Probing the Higgs Boson Self-Coupling at Lepton and Hadron Colliders
July 18 Flera Rizatdinova
Kansas State University
Top Cross Section Measurement with Lifetime b-Tagging Methods
July 11 David Williams
UC Santa Cruz
BaBar's discovery of Ds(2317) and Confirmation of the Ds(2457)
June 27 Andreas Warburton
McGill Univ.
New V_ub Results from CLEO
June 20 Tony Barker
Univ. of Colorado
Rare Kaon Decays at Fermilab
June 13 James Russ
Carnegie Mellon Univ.
New Double Charm Baryon States from SELEX
June 6 Mark Oreglia
Univ. of Chicago
Towards an International Linear Collider: Recent Developments and Discussion
May 30, 3:30pm   Gary Feldman,
Harvard Univ.
"Nu Horizons":
The NUMI Off-axis Detector Project.
May 23 Steve Vejcik
QCD and the Study of Top at the Tevatron, LHC, and NLC
May 16 Paul Langacker
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Neutrinos, the Big Bang, and New Physics
May 9 Tim Tait
Precision Electroweak Data: Beautiful Mirrors and New Physics for the Tevatron
May 2
Roger Cashmore
LHC2003 - IVth International Symposium on LHC: Physics and Detectors
Apr.25 Juan Estrada
New Run I Top mass measurement
Apr.18 Kev Abazajian
Massive Neutrinos in the New Cosmology
Apr.11 Frederic Deliot
DAPNIA, Saclay
New results from D0 presented at DPF
Apr. 4 Giorgio Giacomelli
Universita' di Bologna and INFN
Final results of the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso
Mar.28 Masa Tanaka
Charm, B, and QCD Physics in CDF
Mar.21 Eva Halkiadakis
Top, Electroweak, and Exotic Physics in CDF
Mar.14 Brad Abbott
Univ. of Oklahoma
Recent D0 results in B, QCD, Electroweak and Top/Higgs Physics
Mar. 7 Serban Protopopescu
Recent results on new phenomena searches at D0
Feb. 28 Rick Snider
Search for New Massive Stable Charged Particles at CDF in Run II
Feb. 21 Pasha Murat
A Test of Lepton Universality in W Decays at CDF in Run II
Feb. 14 Walter Giele
Jet Energy Flows
Jan. 31 Brian Yanny
A ring around the Galaxy: Recent news from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Press release
Jan. 24 Eckhard Elsen
H1 at HERA II. Prospects at the upgraded ep-collider
Jan. 17 Yasunori Nomura
Grand Unification in Higher Dimensions
Jan. 10 John Womersley
Summary of the Hadron Collider Physics 2002 Conference
Dec. 20 Hisakazu Minakata
Tokyo Metropolitan U.
Reactor Measurement of theta_{13} and its Complementarity to Long-Baseline Experiments
Dec. 13 Kay Kinoshita
Univ. of Cincinnati
Reflections on Beauty: CP Asymmetries in B Meson Decay
Wed., Dec. 11 Andreas Piepke
Univ. of Alabama
Press release
Dec. 6 John Price
Univ. of Colorado
Gravitational Experiments at Short Distances

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