Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

2006 Seminars:

Date   Speaker Title
Dec. 15
Andrei Gritsan
Johns Hopkins U.
Measurement of Alpha: Taming the Mischievous Penguin
Dec. 8
Dugan O'Neil
Simon Frasier U.
Evidence for single production of top quarks at DZero and a first direct measurement of |Vtb|
Dec. 1
Bernd Stelzer
Status of Single Top Analysis on CDF
Nov. 24
No seminar
Happy Thanksgiving
Nov. 17
Alexei Garmash
Measurement of the weak phase γ from B± -> D[Ksπ+π-]K± at Belle
Nov. 10
Fabrizio Margaroli
INFN Bologna
CDF's Top Mass and Cross Section Results in the All-Hadronic Decay Channel
Nov. 3
Adam Lyon
New Electroweak Physics Results from DZero
Oct. 27
Giovanni Punzi
INFN, Pisa
Hadronic B-decays at CDF
Oct. 20
Petar Maksimovic
Johns Hopkins U.
Observation of New Heavy Baryons &Sigmab and &Sigmab* at CDF
Oct. 13
Estia Eichten
New States above Charm Threshold
Oct. 6
Ambreesh Gupta
U. of Chicago
W mass and width from LEP
Sept. 29
Masahiro Morii
Harvard U.
Semileptonic Decays at BaBar
Sept. 22
Ch. Paus
Observation of Bs-mixing at CDF (slides, video)
Sept. 15
William Molzon
UC Irvine
David McGinnis
A New Muon Beam and Experiment In Lepton Flavor Violation at Fermilab (Part 1, Part 2)
Sept. 8
Laurie Waters
Summary of the Hadronic Shower Simulation Workshop, and further Hadronic Applications
Sept. 1
Dan Hooper
Studying SUSY with Dark Matter
August 25
Stephen J. Sekula
Leptonic Decays at BaBar
August 18
Ulrich Baur
SUNY, Buffalo
Precision Calculations for the ILC and LHC
August 4
Christopher Smith
U. College London
MINOS Results from the First Year of NuMI Beam Operation
July 21
Beate Heinemann,
U. of Liverpool and
Andrzej Zieminski,
Indiana U.
CDF and DZero Highlights at ICHEP'06
July 14
Curia II
Paul Mackenzie
Quark Masses, Coupling Constants, and the CKM Matrix from Lattice QCD
July 7 Alexey Drutskoy
U. of Cincinnati
Results from the Y(5S) Engineering Run at Belle
June 30 Markus Klute
W-Boson Helicity Measurements in Top Quark Decays at CDF
June 23 Andrew Askew
Florida State U.
Recent Di-Boson and Electroweak Results from DZero
June 16 Christopher Hays
U. of Oxford
Recent Electroweak Results at CDF
June 9 Patrice Verdier
IPN Lyon
Recent SUSY Results from DZero
May 26 Rachel Bean
Cornell U.
Cosmology from WMAP and Beyond
May 19 Marcela Carena
Probing Supersymmetry through Higgs, Flavor Violation and Dark Matter Searches ppt pdf
May 12 Giulia Manca
U. of Liverpool
Searches for Supersymmetry in Multilepton Signatures with the CDF detector
May 5 Gregorio Bernardi
U. of Paris VI and VII
Searches for Higgs Bosons at DZero
Apr. 28 Karen Gibson
Carnegie-Mellon U.
Measurement of Relative Fragmentation Fractions of B Hadrons at CDF
Apr. 21 Gordon Kane
Michigan U., MCTP
LHC4TeV: Tevatron Collider Physics in the LHC Era
Apr. 14 Florencia Canelli
CDF Top Quark Mass Measurements
Apr. 10 Ivan Furic
U. of Chicago
New Bs Flavor Oscillation Result from CDF
Mar. 31 Stephen Mrenna
Preparing for Discovery
Mar. 30, 4pm,
David Petyt
U. of Minnesota
First MINOS Results from the NuMI Beam
Mar. 24 Sergey Burdin
First Direct Two-Sided Bound on the B0s Oscillation Frequency
Mar. 17 Peter Richardson
IPPP, Durham U.
Recent Developments in Monte Carlo Event Generators
Mar. 10 Alan Schwartz
U. Cincinnati
CP Violation and the Unitarity Triangle: Recent Results from Belle
Mar. 3 Guennadi Borissov
Lancaster U.
B Physics Results with 1 fb-1 from DZero
Feb. 24 David MacFarlane
Status and Physics Opportunities with BABAR
Feb. 17 Sarah Eno
U. of Maryland
The Fermilab LHC Physics Center
Feb. 10 Rajendran Raja
Goodness of Fit in Likelihood Fits
Feb. 3 Shekar Mishra
ILC R&D at Fermilab
Jan. 27 Roberto Rossin
U. of Florida
tt-bar Resonance Search from CDF
Jan. 20 Gordon Watts
U. of Washington
New Results on Properties of the Top Quark
Jan. 13 Kevin Burkett
Monojet Search and LED Interpretation from CDF
Jan. 6 Tom Browder
University of Hawaii
From Belle to a Super-B Factory

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