Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

Regular seminars are scheduled for: Friday at 4:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall, room 1 West.
Special dates or rooms are announced below.
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Date   Speaker
Jan. 1
New Year's Day

No Seminar
Jan. 8
Marat Gataullin

First LHC Collisions with CMS
Jan. 15

No seminar
Jan. 22
David Weinberg
Ohio State University

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and its Children
Jan. 29
William Molzon
University of California, Irvine

Status Report and First Results on MEG Search for μ → e γ
Feb. 5
Aurelio Juste
IFAE Barcelona

Shedding light on the Higgs: diphoton cross section measurements at D0
Feb. 12
Jason Steffen

First results from the Kepler mission
Feb. 19
Yoshinori Kurimoto
Kyoto University

Neutral Current Neutral Pion Production by Neutrinos at SciBooNE
Feb. 26

No Seminar
Mar. 5
Mike Albrow

Central Exclusive Production: from Glueballs to Higgs Bosons
Mar. 12
Gregorio Bernardi

New results from D0 (pdf)
Matthew Herndon
UW Madison

CDF Winter 2010 results (ppt)
Mar. 12
Clem Pryke
University of Chicago

First direct Search for Gravitation Modes in the CMB Polarization
Mar. 19
Jeter Hall

New Dark Matter Limits from COUPP (bubble audio files [.wav]: one and two)
Mar. 26

No seminar
Apr. 2

No seminar
Apr. 9
Ryan Patterson

New Results for Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations in the MINOS Experiment
Apr. 16
Kathryn Shaffer
School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Chicago

Results on Secondary Anisotropies from the South Pole Telescope
Apr. 23
Todd Adams
Florida State University

What's New in New Phenomena at D0?
Apr. 30
Andrei Gritsan
Johns Hopkins University

The Power of Spin Correlations: from B-decays to Higgs and Beyond at the LHC
May 7

No seminar
May 14
Guennadi Borrisov
Lancaster University

Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry
May 21
Eric Braaten
Ohio State University

Stumbling toward an understanding of quarkonium production
(part of the Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium)
May 28

No seminar
Jun. 4
Giovanni De Lellis
University Federico II and INFN

Observation of events with decay topologies in the OPERA experiment
Jun. 4
John Harris

First results from ALICE
Jun. 11
Gavril Giurgiu
Johns Hopkins University

Measurement of CP Violation in Bs → J/ψϕ Decays at CDF
Jun. 14
Monday, 2-4pm
Zarko Pavlovic

Alex Himmel

New Antineutrino Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE

New Results from MINOS
Jun. 18
Jen Pursley
University of Wisconsin

CDF Update of the High Mass H → WW search for Standard Model Higgs with 6 fb-1
Jun. 25
Elena Aprile

The XENON Dark Matter Search: Status and Prospects
Jul. 2
Eun-Joo Ahn

Ralph Engel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Xmax from Auger and its Interpretation

(in conjunction with the International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions)
Jul. 9
Holger Meyer
Wichita State University

Particle production results from the MIPP Experiment
Jul. 16
Marco Verzocchi

D0 results for ICHEP 2010
Tom Wright
University of Michigan

CDF's New Results for ICHEP
Jul. 23
Rex Tayloe
Indiana University

Neutrino-nucleon quasielastic scattering in MiniBooNE
Jul. 26
Monday, 4pm
Wade Fisher
Michigan State University

Results of the Tevatron Higgs combination
Jul. 30

No seminar
Aug. 6
Arafat Gabareen Mokhtar

Charmonium-like States, Real or Fake
Aug. 13
Amol Upadhye
KICP, Chicago

Jason Steffen

Results of the GammeV-CHASE probe for chameleon dark energy
Aug. 20

No seminar
Aug. 27
Alan Schwartz
University of Cincinnati

Studying Bs Decays in e+e- Collisions at the Upsilon(5S): Recent Results from Belle
Sep. 3
Michael Turner
University of Chicago

The Decade Ahead in Astrophysics: New Worlds, New Horizons and Fermilab
Sep. 10

No seminar
Sep. 17
Andrew Haas

Looking for the Hidden and the Quirky at D0
Sep. 24
Peter Shanahan

Progress of the NOvA experiment
Oct. 1
Luciano Ristori

Measurement of the CP Asymmetry in the Decay D0 → π π
Oct. 8
Craig Aalseth
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Radiation Detection R&D: Two High Purity Ge Array Examples (.ppt)
Oct. 15
Bogdan Dobrescu

Heavy color-octet bosons and multi-b-jet signals at the Tevatron
Oct. 22
Ofer Lahav
University College London

Testing the Dark Energy Paradigm with the Dark Energy Survey
(in conjunction with the Dark Energy Survey collaboration meeting)
Oct. 29
W. F. Brinkman
DOE Office of Science

Update from the Office of Science
(in conjunction with the US LUO Meeting)
Nov. 5

No seminar
Nov. 12
Jonathan Hays
Imperial College London

Recent results in SUSY Higgs searches at D0
Nov. 19

No seminar (Workshop on Standard Model Benchmarks at the Tevatron and LHC)
Nov. 26
Day after Thanksgiving

No seminar
Dec. 3
Eric Christy
Hampton University

Studies of Quark-Hadron duality at Jefferson Lab
Dec. 10
Yvonne Peters

A Top Quark Carol
Dec. 17

No seminar (Tevatron Symposium and Annual Potluck Party)
Dec. 24
Christmas Eve

No seminar
Dec. 31
New Year's Eve

No seminar

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