Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

January - November 2002

Some talks (or abstracts) are available by clicking on the titles, others may be in the library.

Date Speaker Title
January 4 No JETP seminar this week -> Winter holiday
January 11 H. Eugene Fisk

Stephen D. Holmes
Detector Challenges

LC R&D in the USA
January 18 Hyangkyu Park
University of Michigan
Measurements of Branching Ratios for K+/- -> pi+/- mu+ mu-
January 25 Veronica Sorin
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Thrust Distributions from KT Jets at D0
February 1 Akira Konaka
Further Evidence for the Decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar
February 8 Adalberto Giazotto
Pisa, INFN
The Virgo Project
February 15 David Asner
Lawrence Livermore
Dalitz Analysis of D0->K0s pi+pi- and D0-D0B Mixing
February 22 John David Jackson
LBL Berkeley
Historical roots of gauge invariance
March 1 John Womersley
Electroweak Symmetry breaking at the Tevatron, the LHC and the Linear Collider
March 8 Topher Cawlfield
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
First Observation of Interference in D+ to K pi mu nu
March 15 Edward Witten
Princeton, Inst. Advanced Study
Grand Unification Old and New(er)
March 22 Boris Kayser
The Neutrino World: Present and Future
March 29 No JETP seminar this week
April 5 Dante Amidei
University of Michigan
Linear Collider R&D Workshop: Summary and Next Steps
April 12 Weiren Chou
From Snowmass to ICFA - Status of the Proton Driver Studies
April 19 Stephen Parke, Fermilab
Adam Para, Fermilab
Opportunities for NUMI with Off-Axis Beams
April 22
11:00 am
Josh Klein
University of Pennsylvania
First Neutral Current Results from SNO
April 26 Markus Cristinziani
Universite' de Geneve
The AMS Experiment: Cosmic Ray Measurements in Space
May 3 Michael Chanowitz
What does Precision Electroweak Data tell us about the Higgs Sector Mass Scale?
May 10 Christophe Royon
CEA Saclay
Diffractive Higgs production at Tevatron/LHC
May 17 Jeffrey Berryhill
Photon Physics at the High Energy Frontier: Searches Inspired by the "e-e-gamma-gamma-missing Et" Event
May 24 Ben Allanach
Ambulance chasing the CDF mu gamma missing ET events with supersymmetry
May 31 Jim Russ
Carnegie-Mellon University
High Mass States in SELEX: Have Doubly-Charmed Baryons been Discovered?
June 7 Mayda Velasco
Can we see CP-violation in Leptons at FNAL?: A case study presented
June 14 Hai Zheng
Notre Dame
Search for Large Extra Dimensions in the Monojet Channel at D0
June 21 Jerome L Rosen
An interferometric charmonium study
June 28 Tsuyoshi Nakaya
Kyoto University
The result on the neutrino oscillation from K2K
July 5 No JETP seminar this week: July 4th week
July 12 Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Sensitivity of CKM fits to theoretical uncertainties and their representation
July 19 Bogdan Dobrescu
Universal Extra Dimensions in Run II and Beyond
July 26 Bill Ashmanskas - University of Chicago (CDF)
Yuri Gershtein - Brown University (D0)
Results from Run II - Streaming video (CDF), Streaming video (D0)
August 2 Scott Dodelson Dark Energy in the Universe
August 9 Lawrence Jones
University of Michigan
Accelerator Data Needed for the Interpretation of High Energy Cosmic Rays
August 16 Arie Bodek
Quarks for Dummies TM
Modeling (e/ m /n)-N Cross Sections from Low to High Energies: from DIS to Resonance, to Quasielastic Scattering
August 23 Bob Jacobsen
New CP results from BaBar
August 30 No JETP seminar this week: Labor Day weekend
September 6 Scott Thomas
High Energy Colliders as Black Hole Factories: The End of Short Distance Physics
September 13 Matthias Neubert
Flavour Delicacies
September 20 No JETP seminar this week: Cosmo-02 Workshop
September 27 Paul Mackenzie
The Tevatron, the Lattice, and the Unitarity Triangle: 21st Century Lattice QCD
October 4 Rick Field
University of Florida
Toward an Understanding of Hadron-Hadron Collisions: From Feynman-Field until Now
October 11 Tim Stelzer
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
MadEvent: Automated Tree-Level Feynman Diagram, Helicity Amplitude and Event Generation
Oct. 18 Max Tegmark
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Beyond Cosmological Parameters
Oct. 25 Martin Cooper  
A New Search for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment  
Nov. 1 Krishna Rajagopal
Using Heavy Ion Collisions to Explore the QCD Phase Diagram
Nov. 8 Rick Van Kooten, Indiana Univ.
Slawek Tkaczyk, FNAL
Physics and Detectors Studies at the International Linear Collider Workshop in Korea
Nov. 15   Tatsu Takeuchi
Virginia Tech Univ.
The NuTeV "Anomaly", Neutrino Mixing, and a Heavy Higgs
Nov. 22 David London
Univ. de Montreal
  b Physics at Hadron Colliders: Some Recent Ideas

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