Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

  • Date: Apr. 4, 2003

  • Speaker: Giorgio Giacomelli (Universita' di Bologna and INFN)

  • Title: Final results of the MACRO experiment at Gran Sasso

  • Abstract: The MACRO experiment used a large multipurpose underground detector equipped with three independent subdetectors: liquid scintillation counters, limited streamer tubes and nuclear track detectors. Results on different physics and astrophysics topics are presented and discussed. Atmospheric neutrinos: the data concern different event topologies with average neutrino energies of 4 and 50 GeV. Use was made of Multiple Coulomb Scattering to estimate the neutrino energies of events of the higher energy sample. The angular distributions, the absolute fluxes and the L/E distribution favour numu-->nutau oscillations with maximal mixing and $\Delta m2=0.0025 eV2$. The search for astrophysical sources of high energy muon neutrinos and the indirect search for WIMPs yielded interesting upper limits. Search for GUT supermassive magnetic monopoles in the penetrating cosmic radiation: no candidate was found; the 90% CL upper limits are at the level of 1.5 10^-16 cm^-2 sr^-1 s^-1 for 0.0001 with energy.

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