Fermilab Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

  • Date: Feb. 20, 2004

  • Speaker: R.P. Scharenberg, Purdue University (For FNAL-E-735)

  • Title: Signatures of the quark-gluon to hadron thermal phase transition in pbar-p collisions at 1.8 TeV.

  • Abstract:
    We have measured deconfined hadronic volumes, 4.4 < V < 13.0 fm (3), produced by a one dimensional (1D) expansion. These volumes are directly proportional to the charged particle pseudorapidity densities 6.75 < dNc/dn < 20.2. We have also measured the charged particle multiplicity correlations. At hadronic freezeout after the partonic expansion we observe an abrupt change in the hadronization cluster size, indicating that the threshold for hadronic deconfinement occurs for dNc/dn > 7. The hadronization temperature is T = 179.5 5 (syst) MeV. Using Bjorken's 1D model, the constant (independent of the dNc/dn value) hadronization energy density is 1.1 O.26(stat) GeV/fm (3) corresponding to an excitation of 24.8 6.2 (stat) quark-gluon degrees of freedom.

    T. Alexopoulos et al, Physics Letters B 528 (2002) 43-48
    T. Alexopoulos et al, Physics Letters B 353 (1995) 155-160

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