Joint Experimental-Theoretical Seminar

CP violation for the Heaven and the Earth

George W.S. Hou
NTU Taipei

Friday, Feb.6, at 4p.m. in Wilson Hall, room 1 West.
Abstract: Kobayashi and Maskawa received 1/2 the 2008 Nobel prize for their mechanism of CP violation. This Standard Model of CPV, however, falls short by at least 10^-10 from what is needed to satisfy the Sakharov conditions for the absence of antibaryons in our Universe. A large and unexpected difference in direct CPV between charged and neutral B -> Kpi decays, observed by Belle and BaBar, offers a possible clue for beyond SM source of CPV, although it is not free from hadronic uncertainties. From the insight of nondecoupling of heavy chiral quarks in Z penguin and box diagram loops, we have built up the case for a 4th generation source, predicting that sin2Phi_Bs in Bs -> J/psi phi should be large and negative, which is in remarkable agreement with recent hints from the Tevatron. If the current central value stays, the Tevatron could observe sin2Phi_Bs by 2010, and there will be no hadronic uncertainty. Recent updates on the forward-backward asymmetry in B -> K*l+l- by the B factories are also tantalizing. What may be the most astounding is that, having a 4th generation allows the CPV relevant for the Universe to jump by a factor of 10^13 or more, and may even suffice. We outline a direct search program for the 4th generation at the LHC (CMS in particular), aimed for early data. We should know in 3-5 years. This talk will present both experimental and phenomenological results.

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