Fermilab Joint Experimental Theoretical Seminar

Regular seminars are scheduled for Friday at 4:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall 1 West.

Special dates and rooms will be announced separately.

Date Speaker Title
January 15 Chris Quigg,
Physics Opportunities in Fermilab's Futures
January 22 G. Taylor,
Recent results on searches for new physics at sqrt(s) = 189 GeV with the ALEPH Detector at LEP
January 29 Amith Lath,
Rutgers University
Recennt Results on Rare Processes and New Physics from KTeV
February 5 Kevin Pitts,
A Measurement of sin(2beta) from B-->J/Psi K_s Using Multiple Flavor Tags
February 12 Soeren Prell,
Charm Physics from CLEO
February 19 Hans Paar,
Study of the Glueball Candidate fJ(2220) at CLEO
February 24 Peter Shawhan,
U. Chicago
First Result on epsilon'/epsilon from KTeV
February 26 Ashutosh Kotwal,
Columbia U./Duke U.
A New Measurement of the W-boson Mass by D0
March 5 Jens Erler,
RUN II Workshop on QCD and weak boson physics:
Precision Analysis of Electroweak Interactions
March 19 Young-Kee Kim,
W Mass measurement at CDF
March 26 Mayda Velasco,
New Results from NA48  **** CANCELLED *****
April 2   There will be no JETP seminar this friday
April 9 Bogdan Dobrescu
Colorful Physics at the TeV Scale
(Run II Workshop on New Strong Dynamics)
April 16 Kate Scholberg,
Boston University
Evidence for neutrino oscillation from Super-Kamiokande
April 23 Priscilla Cushman,
University of Minnesota 
The g-2 Experiment: A "virtual accelerator" to probe the Standard Model
April 30 Leo Bellantoni,
KTeV Rare Decay Searches for Direct CP Violation
May 7 Mark Wise
in the Standard Model
May 14 Klaus Eitel
Los Alamos
Joint Analysis of the LSND and KARMEN Oscillation Search
May 21 Andreas Kronfeld
Physics Prospects at Linear Colliders
May 28 No JETP seminar this week -> Inner Space / Outer Space Symposium
June 4 Plenary talks Run II workshop on QCD and weak boson physics
June 11 Gervasio Gomez
University of Maryland
W and Z boson cross sections at D0 and indirect determination of the W width
June 18 No JETP seminar this week -> SUSY 99 Conference
June 25 Anders Borgland
University of Bergen
Search for Bs oscillations with the DELPHI detector
July 6
Guillaume Unal
First results on direct CP violation from NA48
July 16 No JETP seminar this week
July 23 Fred Wietfeldt
Fundamental Physics with Cold Neutrons
(or hunting for new physics at 10-12 GeV)
July 30 Dylan Casey
Michigan State
Transverse momentum distribution of Z bosons from DZero
August 6 David Asner
D - Dbar mixing at CLEO
August 13 No JETP seminar this week (Friday, the 13th...)
August 20 Lothar Bauerdick
The proton at low x
August 27 Fernanda G. Garcia
University of Sao Paulo
Charm Hadroproduction from SELEX
September 3 No JETP seminar this week (Labor Day weekend)
September 10
Michael Peskin
Supersymmetry Studies at Lepton Colliders
(Circle Line Tours series)
September 15
Jussara Miranda
Understanding Light Mesons Through Charm Meson Decays to Three Pions
September 17 Auke-Pieter Colijn
The L3 measurement of the Tau Lifetime
September 24 Vivek Sharma
UC San Diego
B Physics with e+e- Colliders
(B Physics at the Tevatron Workshop)
October 1 Stephane Coutu
Penn State
Atmospheric Muons and the Neutrino Puzzle
October 8 Jonathan Feng
Princeton, IAS
Naturalness Reexamined: Implications for SUSY at the Tevatron and Beyond
October 15 Erik Ramberg
Hyperon Physics at KTeV
October 22 Suyong Choi
UC Riverside
t-tbar Spin Correlations
October 29 David Sanders
University of Mississippi
Search for Rare and Forbidden Dilepton Decays of the D+, Ds, and D0 Charmed Mesons
November 5 Carl Wieman
NIST / UC Boulder
Precision measurement of atomic parity violation:
A troubling confrontation with the standard model
November 12 William Wester
Search for Antiproton Decay at the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
November 19 David Jaffe
UC San Diego
Recent heavy flavor results from CLEO
November 26 No JETP seminar this week (Thanksgiving)
Monday, 1pm
November 29
Jan Kalinowski
Warsaw U.
Reconstruction of SUSY Parameters from Chargino Production in e+e- Collisions
December 3 Peter Schlein
Non-universality of the Pomeron Flux Factor in Inelastic Diffraction
December 10 Antje Bruell
Highlights from the HERMES experiment
December 17 Eric Zimmerman
A new result addressing the KARMEN timing anomaly

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