Fermilab Joint Experimental Theoretical Seminar

Regular seminars are scheduled for Friday at 4:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall 1 West.
Special dates and rooms are announced separately.

Some talks (or abstracts) are available by clicking on the titles, others may be in the library.
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Date Speaker Title
January 5 No JETP seminar this week
January 12 Miguel Mostafa
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Differential cross section for W boson production as a function of transverse momentum in p p-bar collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV
Note special time/date
Thu., 3:45pm
January 18
Paul Grannis
Stony Brook
SPECIAL JTEP Seminar: Line Drive Seminar
Introduction by Mike Witherell at 3:45
e+ e- Linear Collider: The Physics Case and Issues
January 26 Weiren Chou and Nikolai Mokhov
Proton Driver and its Applications
February 2 Paul Derwent
Stochastic Cooling in the Fermilab Anti-Proton Source
February 9 Bruce Knuteson
A Quasi-Model-Independent Search for New High pT Physics at D0
February 16 Hogan Nguyen
Measurement of CP Violation in the KL Charge Asymmetry
February 23 Sergei Nagaitsev
Fermilab High Energy Electron Cooling Project
March 2 Claudio Campagnari
New results from BaBar
Note special date
Thu, March 8
David McGinnis
Tevatron Collider Luminosity Upgrades
March 9 Vladimir Lobashev
INR, Moscow
Search for the kinematical mass of neutrino in the beta-decay of tritium. Perspectives of further refinment of the experiments.
March 16 Jim Hill
Stony Brook
Long Baseline Neutrino Experimentation: The Other Mixing Matrix
March 23 JETP seminar canceled this week
March 30 Alex Szalay
Johns Hopkins University
Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Science Results for Particle Physicists
April 6 Wu-Ki Tung
Michigan State
Progress on Studying Uncertainties of Physical Predictions due to Parton Distribution Functions
April 13 No JETP seminar this week (Friday, the 13th...)
April 20 Bryan Webber
Cambridge University
Monte Carlo Simulation of Hadron Collider Physics
April 27 No JETP seminar this week -> Lab-wide party
Note special double session
May 4
Michael Peskin
SLAC Theory Group

Christopher T. Hill
Should one believe the precision electroweak bound on the Higgs boson mass?

The Higgs Boson: What Have We Ordered This Time?
May 11 Morgan Wascko
Louisiana State University
Searching for Antiprotons in VHE Cosmic Rays Using the Milagrito Water Cherenkov Detector
May 18 Robert Carey
Boston University
A New Precision Measurement of the Muon (g-2) Value at the level of 1.3 ppm
May 25 Jesse Ernst
University of Illinois
Current B physics at CLEO
June 1 Tim Tait
Supersymmetry and the Bottom Quark Cross Section at Hadron Colliders
June 8 Jim Graham
University of Chicago
A New Measurement of e'/e from KTeV
June 15 Harold Jackson
Argonne National Laboratory
Latest Results on Nucleon Spin Structure from HERMES
June 22 Massimo Lenti
INFN Florence
New results on e'/e from NA48
Note special time/date
Thu, June 28
Marina Artuso
Syracuse University
Physics Prospects from High Precision Studies of Charm and Charmonium with the CLEO Detector at CESR (CLEO-C)
July 6 No JETP seminar this week -> Snowmass
July 13 No JETP seminar this week -> Snowmass
July 20 Thomas Becher
Cornell University
Effective Field Theory of the pion-Nucleon Interaction
July 27 No JETP seminar this week
August 3 Bruce Knuteson
University of Chicago
Quaero: Making HEP Data Publicly Available
August 10 Uli Baur
SUNY, Buffalo
Physics Opportunities at Future Hadron Colliders: SLHC and VLHC
August 17 Greg Landsberg
Brown University

JoAnne Hewett
Status report of the Physics Beyond 1 TeV Scale Snowmass 2001 Working Group
August 24 David Gerdes
University of Michigan
Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Outlook from Snowmass
August 31 Wick Haxton
University of Washington
Homestake as a Potential National Underground Science Laboratory
September 7 Hamish Robertson
University of Washington
SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved
September 14 Gregorio Bernardi
LPNHE-University of Paris
New D0 results on Physics beyond the Standard Model
September 21 JETP seminar cancelled this week
September 28 No JETP seminar this week -> Enrico Fermi Centennial Symposium
October 5 Vivek Sharma
Observation of CP Violation in B Decays
October 12 Stephen Schrenk
University of Cincinnati
CP Violation la Belle epoque
October 19 Alessandro Bettini
Laboratorio Nazionale del Gran Sasso of INFN, Padua University
New Neutrino Physics at Gran Sasso
October 26 Kevin McFarland
University of Rochester
A Departure from Prediction: Measurement of Precision Electroweak Parameters at NuTeV
November 2 Paolo Giromini
INFN, Frascati
Study of the Heavy Flavor Content of Jets Produced in Association with W Bosons in p-pbar Collisions
November 9 Kazuo Abe
KEK, Tsukuba
Recent Results from Belle (other than sin(2 phi_1))
November 16 Sebastian Grinstein
Universidad de Buenos Aires
The Inclusive Jet Cross Section Using the KT Jet Algorithm at D0
November 23 No JETP seminar this week -> Thanksgiving
November 30 Greg Landsberg
Brown University
Black Holes at Future Colliders
December 7 No JETP seminar this week
December 14 Hitoshi Murayama
LBL, Berkeley
Paths to Beyond the Standard Model
December 21 No JETP seminar this week -> Winter holiday
December 28 No JETP seminar this week -> Winter holiday

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