Dalitz Analysis of D0->K0s pi+pi- and D0-D0B Mixing
David Asner
Lawrence Livermore

We use the CLEO II.V data sample to develop a technique to search for D0 - D0barB mixing by studying the time dependent dalitz distribution for the decay of a D_0 to the final state K0_s pi+ pi-. We consider seventeen resonanant subcomponents, K*-, K*-(1410), K0*-(1430), K2*-(1430), K*-(1680), omega, rho0, rho0(1450), rho0(1700), sigma(500), f_0(980), f_2(1270), f_0(1370), f_0(1500), f_0(1710), and the K*+ and K0*+(1430), which are double Cabibbo suppressed, as well as a non-resonant contribution. We give preliminary measurements of the relative amplitudes and phases, including a first measurement of the double Cabibbo suppressed amplitudes and phases. Using the amplitudes and phases we estimate the integrated CP asymmetry. In addition, we will give preliminary results on the amplitudes, x and y, that describe on-shell and off-shell D0-D0bar mixing.