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A new narrow state   

The Babar collaboration has observed a narrow state decaying to D_s pi^0 at a mass of 2.32 GeV (hep-ex/0304021).

It appears hard to interpret this state as a meson, see

  • Simple heavy-quark arguments: Eichten-Hill-Quigg, PRL 71, 4116 (1993)
  • Lattice mass estimates: Di Pierro & Eichten, hep-ph/0104208.

    Chris Quigg talked about possible exotic QCD explanations, see

  • Hybrid mesons: Barnes-Close-de Viron, NP B224, 241 (1983)
  • Four-quark states: Jaffe, PRD 15, 267, 281 (1977)
  • Short course on color-spin in Chris Quigg's 1981 Les Houches lecture notes, pp. 747-751.


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