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Supersymmetry Breaking   


Mechanisms for communicating supersymmetry breaking to the MSSM fields:

  • Supergravity mediation


  • SU(3)XSU(2)XU(1) gauge mediation (hep-ph/9408384, hep-ph/9507378, hep-ph/9801271, ...)


  • New U(1) gauge mediation (hep-ph/9702291, hep-ph/9703390, hep-ph/9807246, ...)


  • Anomaly mediation (hep-th/9810155, hep-ph/9810442, ...)


  • Gaugino mediation (hep-ph/9911323, hep-ph/9911293, ...)


  • Supersoft supersymmetry breaking: D-term vev of a hidden sector U(1) gauge field leads to Dirac soft supersymmetry breaking gaugino masses; hep-ph/0206096  


  • Radion mediation: supersymmetry breaking by the F-term of the radion -- same superpartner spectrum as in models with supersymmetry breaking by boundary conditions (Scherk-Schwarz); hep-th/0106256, other papers   


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