QCD and Weak Boson Physics Workshop
Program for first meeting March 4-6, 1999.

Program for Thursday, March 4

8:45 K. Ellis (FNAL)  Welcome

9:00 S. Holmes (FNAL) Status of the Main Injector

Precision Measurements (WG III)

9.15 W Mass from CDF -- Y.K. Kim (Berkeley)

9.35 Measurement of the W Boson Mass at D0 -- A. Kotwal (Duke)

Jet Physics (WG II)

10.00 Jet Physics (WGII) -- W. Giele (FNAL)

10.20 Jet Physics Working group: Experimental Perspective -- Brenna Flaugher (FNAL)

10:45 -- 11.15 Coffee Break

QCD Tools for Heavy Flavors and New Physics Searches (WG I)

11:15 Greg Snow (Nebraska)

11.25 Recent Progress in PYTHIA -- Torbjorn Sjostrand (Lund)

Photon and Weak Boson Physics

12.00 Prospects for Di-Boson Physics in Run II -- Ulrich Baur (Buffalo)

12.20 Photon and Weak Boson Physics: Part 2 D. Errede

Parton Distribution Functions (WG V)

14.00 Parton Distribution Functions: Experimental Data and their interpretation -- L. de Barbaro (Northwestern)

14.20 Parton Distribution Functions: Current Status and Open Issues -- Wu-Ki Tung (MSU)

Diffractive Physics and Color Coherence (WG VI)

14:45 A. H Mueller (Columbia)

15.10 A. Brandt (FNAL)

15.20 M. Albrow (FNAL)

15:30 -- 16:00 Coffee Break

16:00 WG II (One West), WG III (Curia II) and WG VI (Theory, WH3E) meet in parallel

17:30 Adjourn

Program for Friday, March 5

8:30 WG II (One West) and WG III (WH15NW) meet in parallel

10:00 -- 10.30 Coffee Break

10:30 WG V (One West) and WG VI (WH15NW) meet in parallel

12:00 -- 13.30 Lunch Break

13:30 WG I (One West), WG IV (WH15NW) and WG VI (Theory, WH3E) meet in parallel

15:00 -- 16.00 Coffee Break

Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar (One West)

16:00 Precision Analysis of Electroweak Interactions -- Jens Erler (Pennsylvania) Interactions

Program for Saturday, March 6

WG I (One West), WG IV (WH15NW) and WG VI (Theory, WH3E) meet in parallel

10:30 -- 11.00 Coffee Break

WG V (One West) and WG VI (joint meeting) with WG I in WH15NW) meet in parallel

12:30 -- 14.00 Lunch Break

One West

14:00 Run 2: The Frontier -- Harry Weerts (MSU & D0)

14:30  Issues in QCD at Run II -- Michelangelo Mangano (CERN & CDF)

End of Meeting

Mon Mar 8 08:56:24 CST 1999 Keith Ellis.