QCD and weak boson physics

A homepage for the 
QCD and Weak Boson Physics workshop 
in preparation for Run II at the Fermilab Tevatron.

 The workshop is ongoing January through December,1999. Organization of the workshop is a joint effort of the CDF and D0 collaborations with the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department and the CTEQ collaboration. The overall coordinators are Ulrich Baur (716) 645-2535, Keith Ellis (630) 840-3749 and Dieter Zeppenfeld (608) 262-2483. 

Registration for November 4,5,6 meeting:  
Agenda for final meeting: November 4,5,6 with links to Transparencies (where available) 

Final report and individual chapters
  • WGI) QCD tools for heavy flavors and new physics searches
    Theory conveners: Keith Ellis, Steve Mrenna, CDF contact: Rick Field D0 contact: Greg Snow

  • March 4-6, 1999 meeting

    Registration and visitor information for March 4-6, meeting.  The Plenary Program for the March 4-6, 1999 meeting containing links to some of the plenary talks.   The room assignments for the March 4-6, 1999 meeting.  For the working group programs please see the individual home pages listed below. If you cannot attend the March meeting but wish to be on our mailing list please register here

    June 3-4, 1999 Agenda and links to talks

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