Working group III Schedule

Friday, November 5
9.00 Ulrich Baur --- Electroweak corrections to W and Z production at the Tevatron
9.30 David Waters -- Monte Carlo studies for Precision Measurements in Run 2 (20 min (talk) + 10 min (discussion))
10.00 Discussion

12.30--2.00pm Jens Erler (WH3E) Theory Conference room
Title: "Indications for an Extra Neutral Gauge Boson in Electroweak Precision Data"

A new analysis of the hadronic peak cross section at LEP 1 implies a small amount of missing invisible width in Z decays, while the effective weak charge in atomic parity violation has been determined recently to 0.6% accuracy, indicating a significantly negative S parameter. As a consequence of these two deviations, the data are described well if the presence of an additional Z' boson, such as predicted in Grand Unified Theories, is assumed. Its favored mass range is below 1 TeV, i.e. in a range accessible to Run II at the Tevatron.
R. Keith Ellis
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