Second meeting at Fermilab on June 3-4.


QCD tools for heavy flavors and new physics searches

Note change in ordering of two sessions made on 6/2/99 at 13.30pm

SCHEDULE (for plenary and parallel sessions)

THURSDAY June  3, 1999 (Theory WH3NE)

Parallel session

 13.30-14.15-- Heavy flavors production and taggingRegina Demina (FNAL)


FRIDAY June 4,  1999 (Theory WH3NE)

Parallel session

11.00-11.30-- CDF data on polarization Psi'  production,   Paul Ngan (MIT)

12.00-12.30 Theory of Quarkonium production,   Andrea Petrelli (Argonne)

12.00-12.30 -Discussion

Friday, June 4 ,  1999 (One West)Plenary session

14.00-14.30 --- REPORT FROM WG1 Keith Ellis  (Fermilab)

Wed Jun  2 13:31:26 CDT 1999 Keith Ellis.