Third meeting at Fermilab on November 4-6.


QCD tools for heavy flavors and new physics searches

DRAFT SCHEDULE (for plenary and parallel sessions)

THURSDAY November  4, 1999 (WH1W)

Parallel session

 11.00-11.30-- NLO Monte Carlos (part 1) NLO Monte Carlos (part 2)John Campbell (FNAL)

 11.30-12.00-- Report on different prediction for W/Z+jet , Steve Mrenna Davis

 12.00-12.30-- Heavy flavor results: Comparison of NLO and MC , Rick Field(Florida)

 12.30-12.45--CompHEP. New options for hadron colliders ,Edward Boos (Moscow State)

FRIDAY, November 5,  1999 (WH1E)

Parallel session

11.00-11.30-- Report on Mininmum bias Events and Underlying event, Rick Field(Florida)

11.30-11.40 --Comparison of Pythia and Resbos, Joey Huston(MSU)

11.40-12.00 --Top studies, single top Greg Snow Nebraska

12.00-12.20 --Data samples to test MC modelling of hard physics Regina Demina Kansas

12.20-12.30 --Discussion of report

SATURDAY, November 6,  1999 (One West)Plenary session

9.00-9.45 --- REPORT FROM WG1 Keith Ellis  (Fermilab)

Keith Ellis.