TASI 2006

Collider Physics · Five Lectures
Keith Ellis (CERN/Fermilab)
Jun 5-9, 2006

An introduction will be given to the applications of QCD at high energy colliders, namely parton distributions, shower Monte-Carlo programs, and the hadroproduction of Vector bosons and Heavy Quarks.

Lecture 1: QCD, asymptotic freedom and infrared safety  · 
Lecture 2: Parton branching and proton structure · 
Lecture 3: Shower Monte Carlo · 
Lecture 4: W and Z production at NLO · 
Lecture 5: Heavy quark production and decay · 

The lectures will be substantially based on the book QCD and Collider Physics by R.K. Ellis, W.J. Stirling and B.R. Webber.