Beyond the Standard Model: from the Tevatron to the LHC


September 15 - 19, 2008



With the Tevatron performing superbly and the LHC about to turn on, the next few years provide a rare opportunity to have two frontier energy colliders operating simultaneously.  Although both hadronic machines, these two experiments have different capabilities and features. The LHC probes much higher energies than the Tevatron, but this is not necessarily an advantage for all classes of new physics.  Recently there has been considerable work on models that appear to be easier to search for at the Tevatron than at the LHC, in some cases even after much integrated luminosity at the LHC.

We propose to gather interested BSM phenomenologists and experimentalists for a week long workshop to discuss models of new physics that impact the Tevatron as well as the LHC.  We particularly wish to consider cases where the Tevatron can be exploited for new unusual physics that may not have been considered before and may be challenging at the LHC.


The Organisers

Patrick Fox (FNAL)

Graham Kribs (University of Oregon)

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