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Descendents of Gustav and Louisa Kronfeld

Gustav (1856-1924), Louisa (1865-1939)

Gustav Kronfeld was born in 1856 in Thorn, Prussia (now Torun, Poland; map). At the age of 16 he went to the gold rush in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. After a few years, he tired of the hard labor and entered the copra (coconut pulp) trade in the south Pacific.

On Samoa he fell in love with Louisa, the daughter of a Portuguese sailor and a native princess. Louisa was in a Roman Catholic convent, and the nuns would not let her marry a Jew. So Gustav and Louisa eloped to Tonga, where a Methodist minister married them. Gustav and Louisa had five children in Vavau, Tonga. They later moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where they had five more.

During World War I, Gustav was interned on a small island, despite being a British subject, because of his German origins. (It seems he never had German nationality; he left Prussia with emigration papers, not a passport.) A short description is in Te Ara.

Gustav's parents were Samuel and Minna (nee Gross). His siblings were Markus (emigrated to New York), Lina and Rosalie (who married two brothers Wittkowski and emigrated to Ballarat, Australia), Isidor (emigrated to Sydney), Saul (who died in Berlin), Salamon (also later of Berlin), and Jenny (with descendents in Australia, New Zealand, and the US).

Louisa's parents were Augustino Silveira and Princess Malai Sale of Samoa. Her siblings were Anna, Manuel, Joseph, and Mary.

Gustav and Louisa's children had lovely middle names. They were Jenny Lotomua (1884-1961), Gustav Silveira (1885-1948, who studied in Germany and worked in the US), Samuel Tonga (1887-1977), Fritz Falevai (1888-1973), Manuel Vavau (1890-1966), Minna (1895-1968), Isidore Fiame (1897-1882), Moe (1899-1982), Leo Le'ega (1900-1947), and Walter Tui (1903-1918).

Most of their descendents live in New Zealand, although there are several in the United States. When I first wrote this page in October 1995, there was an American bias in the list below. I predicted that, with time, it would change. It has.

Note that all children and grandchildren of Samuel, Gustav and Louisa's second son, can be reached from this page.

This web page has been inspired by the late Tony Kronfeld's research into Gustav's life, including thorough documentation of the internment, and compilation of Gustav and Louisa's family tree.

Samuel Tonga Kronfeld

David S. Kronfeld (1928–2006)

Sam's son
married to Susan Donoghue
Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of Agriculture,
Animal & Poultry Sciences andVeterinary Medicine, Virgina Tech
e-mail to David: kronfeld AT
Andreas S. Kronfeld, David's son
his son Alexander
Scientist II, Theoretical Physics Group, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
e-mail: ask AT
Mercedes C. Kronfeld, David's daughter
Principal, Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors
married to Scott Jordan; their sons Matthias and Thaddeus.
e-mail to Mercedes: mercedeskj AT
e-mail to Scott: Scott_Jordan AT

Tui Parr, nee Kronfeld

Samuel's daughter
widow of Rev. Patrick W.D. Parr
Christopher P. Parr, Pat and Tui's son
married to Korina Bogdanovic
Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Webster University (St. Louis)
e-mail to Chris: parrch AT
David Parr, Pat and Tui's son
married to Jane; their daughter Emily and son Darcy
school teacher in Auckland
e-mail: d.parr AT
Deirdre Parr, Pat and Tui's daughter
married to Simon Carryer
editor at Reed Publishing
e-mail to Deirdre: DParr AT
e-mail to Simon and Deirdre: carryer AT
Brigid Newton, nee Parr, Pat and Tui's daughter
married to Robert Newton; their son Patrick Benjamin and daughter Samantha
Centered Riding Instructor
e-mail to Rob and Brigid: ferasi AT

Fritz Falevai Kronfeld

Sandra D. Harrop, nee Kronfeld, Fritz's granddaughter
married to Paul Harrop; their children Steve (married to Fenella), Ben, Matt (married to Tamara), Esther, and Joe.
e-mail to all the Harrops: 100254.1756 AT
Joshua Adrian Kronfeld, Fritz's great-grandson, Sandra's nephew
former member of the All Blacks NZ national rugby team
After retiring from the All Blacks, played professionally for the Leicester Tigers.

Moe Kronfeld

Tony Kronfeld (1932–1992)

Tim Kronfeld, Tony's son
e-mail: sales AT
Susan Telford, nee Kronfeld, Tony's daughter
married to Gerald Telford; their daughters Laetitia and Melanie
former pilot for Mt. Cook Airlines (say hi to Sue on your way to Milford Sound)
e-mail to Gerald and Sue: gtelfor AT

Peter Kronfeld

Ross Kronfeld, Peter's son
e-mail: kron AT

Manae Vavau Kronfeld

Grant Kronfeld (1966–2012), Manae's grandson
special effects in television and movies
Cherie Kronfeld, Manae's granddaughter
e-mail: claire-kronfeld AT

Other Kronfelds

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There are three Kronfelds in the Wikipedia: psychiatrist Arthur (1886-1941; son of Salamon mentioned above), glider pioneer Robert (1904-1948), and rugby player Josh (see above)

Adam Kronfeld, descended from Leopold and Sophie of Russia in the time of Alexander II or Nicholas I
graduate of Bucknell University
Adam's great-grandfather Charles, his grandfather Beauregard, and his great-uncle Gelfer were/are all veterinarians in northern Virgina
e-mail:akronfel AT
Amichai Kronfeld (1947–2005), born in Israel
philosopher and linguist
WWW: tribute from Jewish Voice for Peace, obituary from UC Berkeley
Chana Kronfeld, widow of Amichai
Professor, Comparative Literature and Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley
e-mail:kronfeld AT
David Michael Kronfeld, son of Arie, who was born in Lodz, Poland, grandson of Haim of Yeroslav, great-grandson of Joseph and Lea Kron[en]feld
pre-med student at Pace University, New York
e-mail: davidkronfeld AT
Ehud Kronfeld, whose father was born in Grodno, Poland (now Hrodna, Belarus);
cousin of Noga Kronfeld-Schor, Marc Peschanski, and Daniel Scherman
lawyer and businessman, Agish International Forwarding LTD
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, Israel
e-mail: agish AT
Ingo Kronfeld, son of Franz, who was born 1931 in eastern Germany or Poland
lives in Salzgitter, Germany
his brothers: Rainer and Holger
e-mail: doubletwin AT
Nicholas Philip Alexander Kronfeld, grandson of Robert, the famous pilot and designer of gliders
medical doctor and product manager, Cardiovascular Department, Servier Laboratories, Paris
e-mail: kronfeld AT
Wikipedia: Robert Kronfeld
Noga Kronfeld-Schor, daughter of daughter of Yemima and Amitai, and granddaughter of Yoel and Lea Kronfeld of Poland;
cousin of Ehud, Daniel Scherman, and Marc Peschanski;
Lecturer, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Israel
e-mail: NogaKS AT
Richard Kronfeld, grandson of Abraham Kronfeld of Romania
TV writer, actor, and comedian
WWW: Let's Bowl (formerly) on Comedy Central.
Rita Kronfeld, daughter of Leonard Kronfeld, granddaughter of Abraham Kronfeld of Romania;
cousin of Richard and of Suzy
e-mail: alpestre AT
Suzy Kronfeld, daughter of Mervin Kronfeld, granddaughter of Abraham of Romania
e-mail: suzy.kronfeld AT
Ulrike Kronfeld-Goharani
Schleswig-Holsteinisches Institut für Friedenswissenschaften (SCHIFF), Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Kiel, Germany
e-mail: kronfeld AT
Yaakov Kronfeld, son of Theodore, grandson of Paul and Chaya Kronfeld of Hungary (Budapest?)
e-mail: yrkronfeld AT
Paula Kronfeld Jordan, daughter of Theodore, granddaughter of Paul and Chaya Kronfeld of Hungary (Budapest?)
e-mail: aaj23 AT
Yoel Kronfeld, born in Gulfport, Mississippi
Professor, Department of Geophysics & Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel
e-mail: yoelk AT
Joseph Barr, grandson of Mordechai Joseph Kronfeld, who was born in Zamosc, Poland;
cousin of Anat Degani
Software consultant
e-mail: joseph_barr AT
Anat Degani, daughter of Simcha Kronfeld and granddaughter of Mordechai Joseph Kronfeld, who was born in 1877 in Zamosc, Poland;
cousin of Joeseph Barr
Rose breeder
e-mail: deganiv AT or deganiv AT
Marc Peschanski, son of Dora Kronfeld, who was born in Grodno, Poland (now Hrodna, Belarus);
cousin of Ehud Kronfeld, Noga Kronfeld-Schor, and Daniel Scherman;
Professor of Neurobiology, Faculty of Medicine, INSERM U421, Creteil, France
e-mail: peschanski AT
Daniel Scherman, son of Luba Kronfeld, who was born in Grodno, Poland (now Hrodna, Belarus);
cousin of Ehud Kronfeld, Noga Kronfeld-Schor, and Marc Peschanski.
Professor of Pharmacology and Gene Therapy, Faculty of Pharmacy, INSERM U640, Paris, France
e-mail: scher AT or daniel.scherman AT