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Useful Computing Stuff

TeX Stuff

Making mailing labels with tex

Here is a tex file for making mailing labels. This has been around for a while, but I recently tweaked the spacing to make labels suitable for photocopying onto Avery 5160 sticky labels. These are 1" by 2 5/8", 3 column, 30 per page, and some are available in the physics office. To make your mailing labels, insert your addresses in the format shown in the file, then do "tex (filename)" to make the labels.

Typesetting your UCSC thesis using LaTeX2e

The official distribution of ucscthesis is here.


Software for drawing Feynman diagrams.
Documentation: http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asdoc/WWW/feynmf.html
Available from: http://tug2.cs.umb.edu/ctan/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/feynmf/ (among others)

Linux Stuff

Using scp

Here are a few tips on using scp (=secure copy). scp is to ftp what ssh is to telnet.


scp [-qQaAprvBCL] [-S path-to-ssh] [-o ssh-options] [-P port] [-c cipher] [-i identity] f1 f2; or: scp [options] f1 ... fn directory


Copying files to your current account (logan@fnal.gov) from another account (logan@scipp.ucsc.edu) with the same login name:
scp scipp.ucsc.edu:spam1 .
This copies the file spam1 from the top directory of your account on scipp.ucsc.edu into the current directory (.) and the new file is also called spam1.
scp scipp.ucsc.edu:stuff/useless/spam2 spamfile
This copies a file in a subdirectory of your account on scipp.ucsc.edu. The new file is given the name spamfile. Or, if spamfile is an existing directory on your current account, the file is copied into the directory with the name spam2, so that its path is spamfile/spam2.
scp -r scipp.ucsc.edu:stuff .
This copies recursively (-r) all the files and subdirectories in the directory stuff; it dumps it all into your current directory (in a new directory called stuff), exactly as if you had dragged the folder stuff over on a windows-based system.
Copying files to your current account (logan@fnal.gov) from another account (hlogan@si.ucsc.edu) with a different login name:
scp hlogan@si.ucsc.edu:stuff/picture.gif .
This copies the file picture.gif from the directory stuff over to your working directory; the new file is named picture.gif.

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Last updated February 4, 2001.