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A picture of me at Fermilab

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BBC [Sci/Tech] [News]
Chicago Tribune
Washington Post
APS What's New (Fri)

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Getting around:
Chicago Metra commuter trains
Chicago CTA ("El")
Fermilab Theory Group Visitors Guide (Zoltan's) and Fermilab Visitor Info (official)
Washington DC Metro
United Airlines
American Airlines (1-800-433-7300)
Southwest Airlines
expedia.com air travel
From the airport: Airtran (630-961-5500), American Taxi (630-305-3908)
Yahoo maps
San Francisco Bay Area Transit Information Server

A picture and another picture from New Year's Eve 2002.
With Mark and Mary in Paris July 2000. Sebastien and I went there for Bastille Day.
With Mark and Mary in Britain, summer 1999
Some details of our European vacation, summer 1999

Forest preserves of DuPage county, IL

Sluggy Freelance
This Modern World (Mon) and The "K" Chronicles (Wed) on Salon

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