Theory Seminars—2013

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.

Special dates or rooms are announced below.
The speaker's name links to a listing of recent preprints; the title to slides of talks.

Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 3 No seminar   Happy New Year!
January 10 Claudia Frugiuele
(local) R symmetry as the lepton number
January 17 Raoul Röntsch
(local) QCD corrections to WW production in association with jets
January 24 Daniel Mohler
(local) Excited states and hadron resonances from Lattice QCD
January 31 Lance Dixon
John Scattering in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory and the multi-Regge Limit
February 7 Prateek Agrawal
(local) The cosmological constant problem in scalar gravity
February 14, 15
  One West
Lectures all day long Andreas Winter Workshop on Electric Dipole Moments
February 21 Brian Batell
U. of Chicago
Felix Higgs couplings and precision electroweak data
February 28 Dean J. Robinson
Roni SU(3) Sum Rules in Charm Decay
March 7 Martin Bauer
(local) The Flavor Problem in Strongly Coupled Theories
March 14 Francesco D'Eramo
UC Berkeley/LBNL
Claudia Semi-annihilation of Dark Matter, in the Early Universe and Today
March 21
Ryan Gavin
Felix Squark pair production at next-to-leading order
March 28
1:30 PM
Aaron Pierce
U. of Michigan
Felix Top Partners as a window to Extended Scalar Sectors
April 4 Wouter Waalewijn
UC San Diego
Felix Combining Helicity Amplitudes with Resummation Using SCET
April 11 Stephen Martin
Northern Illinois U.
Roni LHC Higgs diphoton signal interference with background
April 18 Thomas Gregoire
Carleton U.
Paddy Electroweak symmetry breaking in supersymmetric models with a U(1)_R lepton number
April 24   Wednesday,  One North Yuval Grossman
Roni Few remarks about the Higgs
May 2  
May 9 Sonny Mantry
Northwestern U. and Argonne
May 14
Tuesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE
Eduardo Pontón
May 16 Florian Goertz
ETH Zurich
Martin Custodial Leptons and Higgs Decays
May 23 Natalia Toro
May 30 Patrick Draper
UC Santa Cruz
June 6  
June 13 Cédric Weiland
LPT Orsay
June 19 Wednesday, 2:30 PM, 3NE Kunal Kumar
Carleton U.
Roberto Learning what the Higgs is mixed with
June 27  
July 4 No seminar    
July 11  
July 18 Jack Kearney
U. of Michigan
July 25 Kyoungchul Kong
Kansas U.
August 1  
August 8 Spencer Chang
U. of Oregon
August 15 Chia-Cheng Chang
UIUC and Fermilab
August 22 Roberto Vega-Morales
Northwestern U. and Fermilab
August 29 Maxwell T. Hansen
U. of Washington and Fermilab
September 5 Andrea Peterson
U. of Wisconsin, Madison and Fermilab
September 12  
September 19  
September 26  
October 3 Ian Lewis
October 10  
October 17  
October 24  
October 31  
November 7  
November 14  
November 21  
November 28 No seminar   Happy Thanksgiving!
December 5  
December 12  
December 19  
December 26 No seminar   Happy Holidays!

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