Theory Seminar   April 21


Probing the High Energy Limit of QCD

Jeppe Andersen

The high energy limit of scattering processes in QCD is, at least on the purely theoretical level, described by the BFKL equation. The BFKL dynamics can be used for the prediction of many multi-jet processes relevant for 'background studies' at the LHC. At the same time, the study of these QCD events will probe our understanding of QCD (and field theory in general) in a region less well understood than the super-perturbative region with one very hard scale.
However, most phenomenological studies of BFKL fail miserably when confronted with data. In this talk I will critically review the application of leading log (LL) BFKL in phenomenology, and similarly critically examine the application of LL eigenfunctions in the study of the NLL BFKL kernel. We then introduce a recently proposed iterative solution of the NLL BFKL equation that allows detailed study of physical properties of the BFKL evolution. -

 Directions  to Fermilab.
Keith Ellis, and Ayres Freitas,

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