Puzzling out neutrino mixing through golden and silver measurements

Olga Mena -- Fermilab

Neutrino experimental data suggest the existence of new physics with a new scale $\Lambda$ associated to it. A measurement of neutrino masses would guide us towards this new energy scale. Neutrino oscillation experiments are able to determine neutrino mass differences and mixing parameters, helping us in a better understanding of fermion masses. Despite all the planned effort in the short-future oscillation experiments, two neutrino mixing parameters, the CP-odd phase $\delta$ and the mixing angle $\theta_{13}$, may remain obscure in several years from now. In order to determine them, we have considered the combination of the results from two future experiments: the Superbeams facility plus the Neutrino factory, two sucessive steps towards the same physics goals. -

R. Keith Ellis
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