Fermilab Theory Seminars - 2001

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theory Group are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Curia II, 2nd floor, Wilson Hall.

Special dates and rooms will be noted.
The speaker's name gives a listing of recent preprints.

Date  Speaker Title
Jan. 4 Csaba Csaki
  Cosmology and radion dynamics in the Randall-Sundrum model
Jan. 18 Andrea Romanino
  Neutrino phenomenology and flat extra dimensions
Jan. 25 No seminar  
Feb. 1 Gustavo Burdman
Boston U.
  Progress in Exclusive Rare B Decays
Feb. 8 Iain Stewart
  Threshold top-antitop Production and the Renormalization Group
Feb. 13
Alexey Petrov
  D-anti-D Mixing
Feb. 22 Witold Skiba
  Adjusting the Cosmological Constant in the Early Universe
1:30 PM
March 1
Nir Polonsky
  The Higgs and the Nature of Supersymmetry
March 8 Adam Leibovich
  Quarkonia and Effective Field Theories
March 15 No seminar   2nd International Workshop on High Energy Photon Colliders
March 20
Tomoteru Yoshie
  Kaon physics from lattice QCD
March 22 Pran Nath
  The new Brookhaven g-2 result and implications for SUSY
March 29 Gabriela Barenboim
  Medium Effects for Terrestrial and Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations
1:30 PM
April 5
David E. Kaplan
ANL/U. Chicago
  Small Fermion Masses and Spacially-Dependent Flat Directions
April 10
Alexei Smirnov
  Large lepton mixing and sterile neutrinos
April 12 Doreen Wackeroth
  Precise predictions for four-fermion production at present and future e+ e- colliders
April 19 No seminar   Workshop on Monte Carlo Generator Physics
April 26 Uma Sankar
I.I.T., Mumbai
May 3 No seminar   Workshop on the Future of Higgs Physics
1:30 PM
May 10
Anja Werthenbach
DESY Zeuthen
  Sudakov Logarithms in Electroweak Processes
May 15
1 West
Scott Thomas
  Holographic Dark Energy
May 17 Finn Larsen
U. Chicago
  Tachyon Condensation in String Theory
1:30 PM
May 24
Francesco Knechtli
U. Colorado
  QCD Thermodynamics: how fat link fermions change the phase diagram
1:30 PM
May 31
Claude Bernard
Washington U.
  Simulations with 3 dynamical quark flavors: first results
1:30 PM
June 7
Yasunori Nomura
  Symmetry Breaking from Extra Dimensions
June 14 Markus Luty
U. Maryland
  Supersymmetry and Composite Extra Dimensions
June 21 Uli Baur
SUNY, Buffalo
  Electroweak Radiative Corrections to Weak Boson Production at Hadron Colliders
June 22
Michael Spira
Paul Scherrer Institut
  NLO results for ttH, bbH and SUSY pair production at hadron colliders
June 28 Robert Harlander
  Higgs production at the LHC -- NNLO QCD corrections
July 5 Satya Nandi
Oklahoma State U.
  Collider signals of large extra dimensions
July 12 Nikolas Kauer
U. Wisconsin
  Finite width effects in top production at the LHC
July 19 Thomas Becher
  Determination of V_{ub} from inclusive semileptonic B-decays
July 26 Fabrizio Gabbiani
Iowa State U.
  K_L -> pi0 gamma gamma and the bound on the CP-conserving K_L -> pi0 e+e-
Aug. 2 Shyamoli Chaudhuri
Penn State
  Deconfinement and Finite Temperature String Theory
Aug. 7
Hisakazu Minakata
Tokyo Metro. U.
  Fermilab-Soudan2; Ideal Distance for Low Energy Superbeam?
Aug. 9 Emanuel Katz
  Locally Localized Gravity and the Bending of Light
Aug. 14
Fernando Cornet
Granada U.
  TeV Strings and Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Aug. 16 Laura Reina
Florida State U.
  t tbar H production at hadron colliders: impact of NLO results
Aug. 23 Gennaro Corcella
  Challenges in the physics of QCD event generators
Aug. 28
K.R.S. Balaji
C.I.T. Taramani
  Large Mixings from Sterile Neutrino
Aug. 30 Carlos Savoy
 Lepton Flavor Violating Decays as Probes of Neutrino Mass Models
Sept. 6 No seminar  
Sept. 13 Debajyoti Choudhury
Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.
  Beautiful Mirrors: Precision Data and Light States at the Tevatron
Sept. 20 Steven Gottlieb
Indiana U.
  Lattice QCD Calculations of Spectrum, f_B and (possibly) the Quark-Gluon Plasma from the MILC Collaboration
Sept. 27 Kenneth Lane
Boston U.
  Strong and Weak CP Violation in Technicolor
Oct. 4 No seminar  
Oct. 11 No seminar  
Oct. 18 Christian Bauer
  Factorization made easy
Oct. 25 Mariano Quiros
  Supersymmetry and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking from Compact Extra Dimensions
Nov. 1 Heather Logan
  MSSM Higgs physics at a Linear Collider
Nov. 8 Tilman Plehn
U. Wisconsin
  Scalar Top Production at Hadron Colliders (and a Word on Light Sbottoms)
Nov. 15 Antonio Delgado
Johns Hopkins
  Electroweak Breaking from the Bulk of Extra Dimensions
Nov. 22 No seminar Thanksgiving holiday
Nov. 27
Yasunori Nomura
UC Berkeley - LBL
  Grand Unification in Higher Dimensions
Nov. 29 Alex Friedland
  Could SuperKamiokande have been seeing antineutrinos from the Sun?
Dec. 6 David Smith
 Inelastic Dark Matter
Dec. 13 Jing Jiang
Dec. 18
Zackaria Chacko
UC Berkeley - LBL
 Yukawa Deflected Gauge Mediation