Fermilab Theory Seminars - 2004

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theory Group are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Curia II, 2nd floor, Wilson Hall.

Special dates and rooms will be noted.
The speaker's name gives a listing of recent preprints.

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Date Speaker Title
January 1 No Seminar
Happy New Year!
January 8 Graham Kribs
The Supersymmetric Composite "Fat Higgs" Model
January 15 Olga Mena
Puzzling out neutrino mixing through golden and silver measurements
January 20
Conjectorium (WH3NE)  
Thomas Becher
Factorization in effective field theory
January 22 Matthew Wingate
U. of Washington
Toward More Precise Lattice Simulation of B Physics
January 27
Hsin-Chia Cheng
Ghost condensation and a consistent infrared modification of gravity.
January 29
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Tim Tait
Gauge Extensions of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
February 5 Sean Fleming
Carnegie Mellon
Lessons from Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
February 12 David Rainwater
Higgs Pair Production and the Higgs Potential
February 17
Konstantin Matchev
University of Florida/Cornell
Potpourri:DM and Physics BSM at HE Colliders
February 19 Giulia Zanderighi
Automated resummation of final state observables in QCD
Tuesday, 3:00pm,
February 24
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Eduardo Ponton
Implications of Higher Dimensional Spacetime Symmetries
February 26
No Seminar
March 4 Nigel Glover
Jet cross sections at NNLO
March 9
Paul Langacker
University of Pennsylvania
Implications of a Heavy Z' Gauge Boson
March 11
No Seminar
March 18 Ulrich Haisch
Theory of b -> s l+ l-
March 25 Hael Collins
Carnegie Mellon
The Fate of the Alpha-Vacuum
April 1 Hitoshi Murayama
Princeton IAS
World Domination Plan by Anomaly Mediation
April 8 Csaba Balazs
Argonne National Lab
Baryogenesis and Dark Matter in the MSSM
2:00 pm,
April 15
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Fernando Marchesano
University of Wisconsin
Yukawa Couplings from Magnetized Compactifications
April 22 Alexander Mitov
University of Hawaii
Perturbative Heavy Quark Fragmentation Function at NNLO
April 27
York Schroder
Tackling the infrared Problem of Hot QCD
April 29 Georg Weiglein
Higgs and SUSY and Present and Future Colliders
May 6 No Seminar
Special CDMS Wine & Cheese
May 13 No Seminar
From Zero to Z-zero Workshop
May 18
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Antonio Delgado Delgado
Johns Hopkins University
Raising the Higgs Mass in SUSY Models
May 20 No Seminar
Future of QCD at the Tevatron
Friday, 1:00pm,
May 21
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Yael Shadmi
The Importance of Being Majorana: Neutrinos versus Charged Fermions in Flavor Models
May 27 Raj Gandhi
Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Atmospheric Neutrino Physics Possibilities using a Large-Mass Iron Calorimeter
June 3 No Seminar
Fermilab Users Meeting
June 10 Stefan Berge
Southern Methodist University
Transverse Momentum Resummation at Small x for the Tevatron and LHC
June 17 Ignazio Scimemi
Universitat de Barcelona
Unveiling eps'/eps through K -> 3 pion
June 24 No Seminar
XXII International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory
June 29
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Babis Anastasiou
Electroweak Boson Rapidity Distributions at Hadron Colliders
July 1 No Seminar
Happy Canada day!
July 8 Weonjong Lee
Seoul National University
Calculating epsilon'/epsilon using Staggered Fermions
July 15 Gregory Mahlon
Penn State
Understanding angular correlations in associated Higgs production
July 22 Doreen Wackeroth
SUNY Buffalo
NLO QCD predictions for hadronic Higgs production with heavy quarks
July 29 Dominik Stockinger
g-2 of the Muon and SUSY
August 5 Gerhart Seidl
Oklahoma State University
Large Neutrino Mixings in SU(5) from Deconstruction
August 12 Sudhir Vempati
Universita di Padua
Lepton flavour violation in Grand Unified Theories and its consequences
August 19 No Seminar
August 26 Alejandro Daleo
FNAL / Universidad de la Plata
Fracture Functions and Higher Order QCD Corrections to Semi-Inclusive DIS
September 2 Alexander Lenz
On the SU(3) symmetry-breaking corrections to meson distribution amplitudes
September 9 Jack Laiho
Improving the lattice calculations of epsilon prime/epsilon
September 16 No Seminar
TeV4LHC workshop
September 23 Kaustubh Agashe
Johns Hopkins
B-factory signals for a warped extra dimension
September 30 Peter Zerwas
Reconstructing supersymmetric theories
October 7
Yuval Grossman
Soft leptogenesis
October 14 David Kosower
SPhT Saclay
From Twistors to Computations
October 21 Edward Boos
Moscow State/Fermilab
MSSM Higgs bosons in the intense coupling regime at the LHC and LC
October 28 Alicia Broncano
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
The connection between leptogenesis and neutrino experiments
November 4
Conjectorium (WH3NE)  
Shyamoli Chaudhuri
Thermal Duality and String Thermodynamics
November 11
Peter Skands
A new model for parton showers and the underlying event
November 18 Sabine Riemann
DESY Zeuthen
Z-prime signatures in precision measurements
November 25 No Seminar
Thanksgiving day
December 2 Ingo Schienbein
Hamburg University
Mass effects in single inclusive hadroproduction of heavy mesons
December 9 Masataka Okamoto
Full determination of the CKM matrix with unquenched lattice QCD
December 16
Conjectorium (WH3NE)
Benjamin Grinstein
UC San Diego
Precise determination of Vub from exclusive B and D decays
December 23 No seminar
Happy Holidays
December 30 No seminar
Happy Holidays

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