Theory Seminars—2010

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.

Special dates or rooms are announced below.
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Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 7 No seminar
  Happy New Year !
January 14 Brooks Thomas
U Arizona
  Paddy Semper FI? : Supercurrents, R-symmetries, and the status of Fayet-Iliopoulos Terms in Supergravity
January 21 Gerben Stavenga
  Vortices in the Jackiw-Pi Model on the Torus
January 28 Stephen Martin
Northern Illinois University
  Paddy Extra vector-like matter and the Higgs mass in supersymmetry
February 4 Gil Paz
University of Chicago
  Marcela Supersymmetric U(1)' Models
February 11 Elvira Gamiz
  Phenomenology of neutral B-meson mixing and decays constants
February 18 Adam Martin
  Boosting BSM Higgs discovery with jet substructure
February 25 David Shih
  Paddy Recent Progress in (General) Gauge Mediation
March 4 Matthias Neubert
University of Mainz
  Marcela Effective Field-Theory Tools for the LHC
March 11
Nausheen Shah
  Gauge-Higgs Unification Phenomenology in Warped Extra Dimensions
March 18 Joachim Kopp
  Mossbauer Neutrinos
March 25 Enrico Lunghi
IU Bloomington
  Andreas High Precision Flavor Physics
April 1 Julius Kuti
UC San Diego
  Andreas Lattice Studies of the Nearly Conformal Composite Higgs Mechanism
April 8 Erich Poppitz
University of Toronto
  Bogdan Monopoles, bions, and other oddballs in confinement and conformality
April 15 Frank Petriello
UW, Madison
  Keith Differential distributions in soft-collinear effective theory
April 22 Zhenyu Han
  Yang Bai Spin Measurements in Events with Missing Energy at the LHC
April 29 Monika Blanke
Chris Quigg Testing the SUSY weak scale stabilization at the LHC
May 7 Harald Fritzsch
Universitaet Muenchen
Chris Quigg Flavor Mixing, Neutrino Mixing and Neutrino Masses
May 13 George Fleming
  Estia Three Years of Lattice Strong Dynamics: Have we learned anything yet?
May 20 David Reeb
University of Oregon
  Chris Hill Gauge coupling unification in non-supersymmetric GUTs through gravitational effects
May 27 Anibal Medina
UC Davis
  Marcela Warped Universal Extra Dimensions
June 3 No Seminar
  Users' Meeting
June 8
Satya Nandi
Oklahoma State University
  Jan Fermion mass hierarchy and new physics at the TeV scale
June 10 Wouter Waalewijn
  Walter Factorization at the Tevatron and LHC: From PDFs to Initial State Jets
June 17 Arvind Rajaraman
UC Irvine
  Paddy Searching for the fourth generation at LEP, Tevatron and the LHC
June 24 Jure Zupan
University of Ljubljana
  Roni Implications of like-sign dimuon anomaly
July 1 Tania Robens
University of Glasgow

Alternative dipole subtraction scheme using Nagy--Soper dipoles

July 8 Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla
Virginia Tech
  Stephen A new approach to anti-neutrino running in long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments
July 15 Sourav K. Mandal
  Paddy Quarks and Leptons as Nambu-Goldstone Fermions
July 22 Jan Winter
  Keith New algorithms to compute virtual and tree-level amplitudes
July 29 Jessie Shelton
  Adam Excavating a Buried Higgs
August 5 Ulrich Nierste
Universität Karlsruhe
  Marcela B_s mixing: gate to new physics?
August 12 Mikhail Stephanov
  Paddy Conformality Lost
August 19 Jay Wacker
  Bogdan It’s On! Using ATLAS’ First Results on Jets and Missing Energy Searches
August 26 Hsin-Chia Cheng
UC Davis
  Bogdan Invisible particle mass determinations at hadron colliders
September 2 Simon Badger
Desy Zeuthen
  Keith Analytic techniques for massive one-loop amplitudes
September 9 Matthew Buckley
  Jan A New Way to Measure Spin at Hadron Colliders
September 16 Pyungwon Ko
  Chris Hill CDM and EWSB from strongly interacting hidden sector
September 23 Ze'ev Surujon
UC San Diego
  Roni Spontaneous CP Violation from Continuous Symmetry Breaking
September 30 Basudeb Dasgupta
Ohio State University
Two easy pieces: Self-interacting neutrinos and the MSW resonance for photons
October 7 Brian Batell
Perimeter Institute
New Stabilization Symmetries for Dark Matter
October 12
Andreas Karch
University of Washington
A particle physicist's perspective on topological insulators
October 21 Antonio Delgado
Notre Dame
  Adam The S-MSSM: the singlet saves the day
October 28
One West
Ciaran Williams
  (local) Hadronic production of a Higgs boson with two jets at NLO
November 4
One West
Clifford Cheung
UC Berkeley
  Bogdan Signs of a Hidden Sector from Supersymmetry(s)
November 10
Nima Arkani-Hamed
  Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics and Scattering Amplitudes
November 11 Takemichi Okui
  Roni Viable Gravity Mediation
November 18 Surjeet Rajendran
  Roni Luminous Dark Matter
November 25 No seminar
  Happy Thanksgiving !
December 2 Pierre Artoisenet
Ohio State
  John Automation of the matrix element reweighting method
December 9 Leandro Almeida

Jet hunting with templates

December 16 Ayan Paul
Notre Dame
  LHT and c: Gambling in Standard Model's Backyard
December 23 No seminar
  Happy Holidays !

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