Theory Seminars—2011

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.

Special dates or rooms are announced below.
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Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 6 No seminar
  Happy New Year !
January 13 Ethan Neil
(local) Approaching the Conformal Window on the Lattice
January 20 Daniel Stolarski
U Maryland
  The Bestest Little Higgs
January 27 Stefania Gori
U Chicago
Wolfgang FCNCs in two Higgs doublet models
February 3 Wolfgang Altmannshofer
(local) Low energy probes of CP violation in the MSSM
February 10 Johannes Heinonen
U Chicago
  5D UED: Flat and Flavorless
February 17 No seminar    
February 24 Gil Paz
U Chicago
Gerben The charge radius of the proton: a 5σ discrepancy?
March 3 Radja Boughezal

Bounding New Physics using the Tevatron Higgs Exclusion Limit

March 10
Andreas Kronfeld
(local) Report on the Hadronic Light-by-Light Contribution to Muon g−2
   (INT workshop)
March 17 Jiji Fan
Adam Heavy squark at the LHC
March 24 Maxim Pospelov
Roni/Paddy Cleaning the SM backyard  - new physics below 1 GeV?
March 31 Johan Alwall
(local) MadGraph 5 - the All-new Matrix Element Generator for Everything
April 7 Joel Giedt
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ethan Dark matter, the CMSSM and lattice QCD
April 14 Brock Tweedie
Boston University
Adam Discriminating Top-Antitop Resonances using Azimuthal Decay Correlations
April 21 Josh Erlich
College of William and Mary
Paddy Phases of holographic QCD
April 28 Chiu Man Ho
Joachim Non-Static Extra Dimensions
May 5 Will Shepherd
UC Irvine
Joachim Collider and Indirect Constraints on Dark Matter
May 12 Zackaria Chacko
U Maryland
Roni A Model-Independent approach to WIMP Dark Matter
May 19 Gavin Salam

Giant K-factors

May 26 Kathryn Zurek
University of Michigan
Paddy A theory for maximal flavor violation
June 2 Rakhi Mahbubani
Paddy Counting Dark Matter at the LHC
June 9
Jean-Marie Frere
Boris Why neutrinos are different
June 16
David Wilson
Ciaran Non-perturbative solutions of the Gluon and Ghost propagators in Landau Gauge QCD
June 23 Christopher Vermilion
U Washington
Walter The GenEvA Event Generator: Coming Soon to a Collider Near You
June 30 Kemal Ozeren

Driving Missing Data at the LHC

July 7 Pedro Machado
U Sao Paulo / CEA Saclay
Joachim Probing Large Extra Dimensions with Neutrino Oscillations
July 14 Jan Winter
Joachim Developments in ME+PS merging
July 21 Satyajit Seth
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Keith Signature of Large Extra Dimensions to NLO in QCD at the LHC
July 28 Uli Nierste
University of Karlsruhe
Andreas B Mixing and Supersymmetry
August 4 Gordan Krnjaic
Johns Hopkins & Fermilab
(local) The CDF Dijet Excess and Weak Triplet, Color Octet Scalars
August 11 Elizabeth Simmons
Michigan State U
Chris Hill The Phenomenology of the Top Triangle Moose Model
August 18 Yuhsin Tsai
Cornell & Fermilab
(local) Penguin diagrams in Randall-Sundrum models
August 25 Chris Bouchard
UIUC & Fermilab
(local) The Brown Muck of B Mixing: Beyond the SM
September 1 No seminar
  SUSY 2011
September 8 Alejandro de la Puente
Notre Dame & Fermilab
(local) Signals of CP Violation beyond the MSSM in Higgs Physics
September 15 Jamie Gainer
Argonne & Northwestern
Paddy The Matrix Element Method for Higgs Discovery and Spin Determination
September 22 Harald Fritzsch
U Munich
Bill Composite Gauge Bosons and the LHC
September 29 Alexander Friedland
Los Alamos

The physics of neutrino flavor oscillations in supernovae

October 6 Nathaniel Craig
IAS / Rutgers
Roni (De)constructing a Natural Supersymmetric Standard Model
October 13
Markus Luty
UC, Davis
Ethan Superconformal Technicolor and Partial Higgs Compositeness
October 20
Nicholas Dunn
Keith Improving Collider Searches with Effective Field Theory
October 27 Iain Stewart

Theory Predictions and Uncertainties for Higgs Searches Using Jet Bins

November 3
Joachim Brod
U Cincinnati
Wolfgang Standard Model Prediction of epsilon_K at NNLO
November 10
Dru Renner
Andreas A New Approach to Hadronic Vacuum Polarization for Muon g–2 and αEM
November 11
11am, 3NE
Francesco Sannino
Southern Denmark University
Chris H. Composite Higgs, Dark Matter and Inflation
November 17 David Krohn
Adam Path-Integral Jets
November 24 No seminar
  Happy Thanksgiving !
December 1 No seminar   DOE Intensity Frontier Workshop
December 8 Lian-Tao Wang
U Chicago
  CANCELLED, postponed to 2012
December 15 Patrick Huber
Virginia Tech
Joachim Predictions of Reactor Antineutrino Fluxes
December 22 No seminar
  Happy Holidays !

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