Theory Seminars—2014

Regular seminars of the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Department are scheduled for
Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.

Special dates or rooms are announced below.
The speaker's name links to a listing of recent preprints; the title to slides of talks.

Date   Speaker Host Title (click title to see slides)
January 2 No seminar   Happy New Year!
January 9 No seminar    
January 16 Ryuichiro Kitano
KEK, Tsukuba and Sokendai, Tsukuba
Paddy Emergent Higgs
January 23
Joseph Bramante
Notre Dame
Felix Exploring Dark Interactions by Destroying Neutron Stars with Dark Black Holes
January 31
Friday, 3NE
Nima Arkani-Hamed
Paddy The Amplituhedron
February 6 Ran Zhou
(local) Lattice QCD calculation of the B to Kll decay form factors
February 13 David Sanford
Felix Simplified Models of Mixed Dark Matter
February 20 Emanuele Re
U. of Oxford
Raoul Towards event generation at NNLO
February 27 Elisabetta Furlan
(local) Higgs rates and new quarks
March 6 Fabrizio Caola
Johns Hopkins U.
Raoul Precision predictions for single-top production at the LHC
March 13 Matthew McCullough
Paddy Search for BSM Higgs Signals at NLO
March 20 André Walker-Loud
William and Mary
Daniel M_n - M_p
March 27 Clifford Cheung
Prateek Naturalness and the Weak Gravity Conjecture
April 3 Yanou Cui
U. of Maryland
Raoul Baryogenesis from WIMPs
April 10 Tim Tait
UC Irvine
Roni Self-Interacting Dark Matter from a Non-Abelian Hidden Sector
April 15
Tuesday, 1:30 pm, Curia II
David McKeen
U. of Washington
Felix Particle Physics Implications of 30 GeV Dark Matter Annihilating to b Quarks
April 24 James Unwin
Notre Dame
Raoul High Scale Supersymmetry and F-theory GUTs
May 1 No seminar   New Perspectives on Dark Matter workshop
May 8 Alejandro de la Puente
Felix Probing Radiative Neutrino Mass Generation through Monotop Production
May 9
Friday, 1:30 pm, 3NE
Eleni Vryonidou
Universite Catholique de Louvain
John Higgs pair production at the LHC
May 12
Monday, 3:30 pm, 3NE
Alex Wijangco
UC Irvine
Felix Hidden On-Shell Mediators for the Galactic Center Excess
May 15 Daniel Hernandez
Northwestern U.
Paddy Recent ideas on the Flavor Puzzle
May 22 No seminar    
May 29 Katrin Gemmler
(local) Flavoured Dark Matter beyond the Minimal Flavour Violation Hypothesis
June 5 No seminar    
June 12 Falko Dulat
ETH Zurich
Elisabetta Higgs boson production at N3LO
June 19 Liam Keegan
Claudia Large N twisted volume reduction of QCD on the lattice
June 25 Satoshi Iso
Bogdan Implication of 126 GeV Higgs boson for Planck scale physics
June 26 Franz Herzog
Elisabetta Reducing Higgs Theory Uncertainties by Threshold Expansion
July 2
Wednesday, 2:30 pm, 3NE
Marina Billoni
John EW corrections to W-pair production at the LHC
July 10 No seminar    
July 17
David J.E. Marsh
Perimeter Institute
Prateek Cosmological Constraints on Ultra-light Axions: Planck, the high-z universe, and BICEP2
July 24 Matthew Reece
Felix In Wino Veritas
July 31 Chris Verhaaren
U. of Maryland
Prateek Dynamics of a Stabilized Radion and Duality
August 7 No seminar    
August 14 Hojin Yoo
Fermilab/U. of Wisconsin, Madison
(local) Nanoshots from the Crab pulsar and Schwinger Sparks
August 21 No seminar   Nature Guiding Theory workshop
August 26
Tuesday, 2:30 pm, 3NW
Jia Zhou
Fermilab/SUNY Buffalo
(local) Electroweak Radiative Corrections at High Energies
August 28 Duccio Pappadopulo
UC Berkeley/LBNL
Claudia The low f multiverse axion
September 2
Tuesday, 2:30 pm, 3NW
Adrian Carmona
ETH Zurich
Raoul Lifting Top Partners at the LHC
September 11 Fady Bishara
Fermilab/Cincinnati U.
(local) Continuous flavor symmetries and the stability of asymmetric dark matter
September 18 Ryosuke Sato
Raoul PeV neutrinos from right-handed neutrino dark matter
September 25 Eder Izaguirre
Perimeter Institute
Paddy A New Observable for Identifying Dijet Resonances
October 2 Daniel Stolarski
Raoul Emerging Jets
October 9 Yue Zhang
Raoul From the Higgs boson to the origin of matter in the universe
October 16 Seyda Ipek
U. of Washington
Claudia CP Violation in Pseudo-Dirac Fermion Oscillations
October 21
Tuesday, 3:30 pm, 3NE
Junko Shigemitsu
Ohio State University
Daniel Precision Flavor Physics and Lattice QCD
October 23 Joshua Berger
Prateek Detecting Boosted Dark Matter with Large Volume Neutrino Detectors
October 30 Seminar canceled    
November 6
1:30 pm, 3NE
James Barnard
Raoul Composite Higgs models with “the works”
November 13 Matthew Baumgart
Carnegie Mellon U.
Paddy On the Annihilation of WIMPs
November 20 Travis Martin
Raoul Electroweakino Constraints from LHC8
November 27 No seminar   Happy Thanksgiving!
December 4 Bridget Bertoni
U. of Washington
Raoul Dark Matter - Neutrino Interactions: Implications of Solving Small Scale Structure Problems
December 11
Bryan Ostdiek
Notre Dame
Raoul New search strategies for well tempered neutralino dark matter at the LHC and beyond
December 18
Ye Li
Elisabetta Merging NNLO with Parton Shower
December 25 No seminar   Happy Holidays!

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