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Fermilab Fellowships in Theoretical Physics

The deadline for applications for the 2012–2013 Academic Year is 6 April 2012. Selections will be announced 11 May, and fellows will take up residence at Fermilab in late Summer or early Fall and stay for twelve months. The 2012 Selection Committee will be chaired by Andreas Kronfeld and will include all interested staff members of the two theory Departments. This committee will facilitate connections between applicants and potential Fermilab supervisors.

The stipend for 2012–2013 will be $30,000, supplemented by a travel allowance of up to $4000 (to cover the move to Fermilab and conference attendance), and an allowance of up to $3000 for health insurance, if needed. The fellowship also aims to pay the student's tuition, but we have a fixed budget, so reduced, post-coursework or off-site tuition is preferred.

Funding will be provided from Fermilab to the student's home institution for stipend, tuition, and heath insurance only. The program cannot pay for university overhead or administrative costs.

Applications will be taken through academicjobsonline (if needed, select FFThPh2012 #1428).

Subject to available funds, there will be five (5) fellowships for 2012–2013.

For questions, please contact Andreas Kronfeld.

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