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Fermilab Theoretical Physics Group

Theory/Experiment Visitors

Wilson Hall (Highrise), 3rd Floor

Date Topic Guest(s)
Aug 24-28 Jets Peter Loch (Arizona U, ATLAS)
  • Mon 8/24 1:00pm WH3NE: Introduction to Jet Reconstruction in ATLAS [ppt] [pdf], by Peter Loch
  • Mon 8/24 1:30pm WH3NE: Jets at the LPC [ppt] [pdf], by Rob Harris (LPC)
  • Wed 8/26 2:30pm WH3NE: New Phenomena Group, Peter leads discussion on Jets for BSM
  • Thu 8/27 1:00pm 11th Floor: Jets in ATLAS [ppt] [pdf], by Peter Loch
  • Thu 8/27 1:45pm 11th Floor: Jets in CMS, by Rob Harris (LPC)
  • Fri 8/28 12:00: off-campus farewell lunch with Peter
Apr 27-29 Energy Scaling of hadron collisions Rick Field (U Florida, CDF+CMS)
Helen Caines (Yale U, STAR)
Initiative sponsored by "Frontiers of Collider Phenomenology" URA Visiting Scholars Program and Fermilab