Peter Skands (skands.AT.fnal.gov)



1st Joint Workshop on
Energy Scaling of Hadron Collisions:
Theory / RHIC / Tevatron / LHC

APRIL 27-29, 2009, FERMILAB

Wilson Hall (Highrise), 3rd Floor, West Side, North End
(meeting room next to theory Nespresso machine)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for theorists and experimentalists from different hadron collider communities to come together and

  1. Compare measurements and strategies,
  2. Discuss the energy scaling of common observed phenomena in a coherent setting,
  3. Work with Monte Carlo and tuning experts to provide as complete and accurate descriptions as possible over the full range of measured energies,
  4. Work out possible common / coordinated strategies for future measurements that could help further elucidate the structure of hadron collisions and its evolution with energy,
  5. Work out possible improvements and/or additions to existing measurements that could help further elucidate the structure of hadron collisions and its evolution with energy.

The main foci of this first meeting will be

  • Minimum-bias measurements at RHIC and at the Tevatron, thus spanning a range of 200 to 1960 GeV.
  • The relation between minimum-bias and underlying-event
  • Using identified particles as special tracers: strangeness and baryon production
  • Monte Carlo tunings and their energy scaling to the LHC, of importance to all 4 LHC experiments, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb (forward), and ALICE.

The structure of the workshop will be to have a relatively small number of attendees and a small number of talks, leaving ample time for focussed discussions. The first day of the workshop will be devoted mostly to presentations, to familiarize each other with what has been done in the various groups. The second and third days will contain a few special focus presentations with more technical details, and discussions on comparisons / strategies / observables / theory / extrapolations to LHC. During the last day of the workshop, building on the presentations of the first day and the discussions on the second, we will attempt to reach a consensus on possible coordinated future measurements that could be carried out at all three colliders.
To contact the organizers send an e-mail to: skands.AT.fnal.gov