Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Fridays at 4:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall, One West.
Special dates or rooms are given below.
A live video stream is sometimes available, check this link.
Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20171027 Oct. 27 Searches for Vector-Like Quarks with ATLAS Joe Haley, Oklahoma State U.
20171103 Nov. 3 Results from MINERvA
20171110 Nov. 10 Electroweakly produced new physics with CMS: new intensity frontier at the LHC Lesya Shchutska, ETH Zurich
20171117 Nov. 17 Results from NOvA
20171124 Nov. 24 Thanksgiving. No Seminar.
20171201 Dec. 1 Results from NOvA
20171208 Dec. 8 Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the LHCb Experiment Michael Williams, MIT
20171215 Dec. 15 Results from CMS
20180119 Jan. 19 Di-Higgs at the LHC : Current Status and Long-term Prospects (ATLAS) John Alison, U. of Chicago
20180126 Jan. 26 Results from ATLAS Ben Carlson, Pittsburgh
20180302 March 2 New Results from MINERvA

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