Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Fridays at 4:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall, One West.
Special dates or rooms are given below.
A live video stream is sometimes available, check this link.
Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20170331 March 31 LDRD-fest Fermilab LDRD Speakers Daniel Bowring, Dielectric Tuning of Cavities Bob Zwaska, Sinuous Target Angela Fava, Liquid Argon Charge Amplification Device Javier Tiffenberg, Low Energy Threshold Particle Detector
20170407 April 7 Delensing CMB B-modes: results from SPT Alessandro Manzotti, U. of Chicago
20170414 April 14 Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-60 C₃F₈ Bubble Chamber Daniel Baxter, Northwestern U.
20170421 April 21 Winter 2017 Results from CMS Jim Hirschauer, Fermilab
20170428 April 28 Tevatron 2017 Winter Results
20170505 May 5 Results from MINOS+
20170512 May 12 DES Cosmic Shear Results Michael Troxel, Ohio State University
20170519 May 19 Results from CMS
20170602 June 2 DES Cosmology Results Scott Dodelson, Fermilab
20170616 June 16 Results from CMS
20170707 July 7 Results from MINERvA
20170721 July 21 Results from CMS

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