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Date     Speaker   Title
Jan. 3     No seminar.  Happy New Year!
Jan. 10  Gerald Gabrielse
 Harvard University

 Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the EDM of the Electron
Jan. 17  Ben Freemire
 IIT (MuCool)
 High Pressure Gas Filled RF Cavities for use in Muon Accelerators
Jan. 24  Tae Min Hong
 U. Penn (ATLAS)
 VBF Higgs at ATLAS
Jan. 29
Wed, 1:30 pm
 Tord Ekelöf 
Uppsala U.
 ESSνSB – a very high intensity neutrino beam experiment measuring neutrino
 CP violation at the second oscillation maximum
Jan. 31

 Nima Arkani-Hamed

 Towards the Next Big Circular Colliders
Feb. 6
Thu, 4 pm

 Andreas Jung
 Fermilab (D0)
 Top Quark Differential Cross Sections at D0
Feb. 7  Brandon Eberly
 U. of Pittsburgh
 Probing Nuclear Physics with Neutrino Pion Production at MINERvA
Feb. 14  Oliver Gutsche
 Fermilab (CMS)
 Recent Top Pair Asymmetry Measurements at CMS
Feb. 21  Matteo Cremonesi 
 University of Oxford (
 Reinhard Schwienhorst 
 MSU (D0)

 Observation of s-channel single-top-quark production at the Tevatron
Feb. 28  Francis Halzen
 U. of Wisconsin (IceCube)
 Icecube and the Discovery of High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrino
Mar. 7  Hitoshi Yamamoto
 Tohoku University
 The ILC - status and prospects
Mar. 14
 Lauren Hsu
 Search for Low Mass WIMPs with SuperCDMS
Mar. 21  Felix Sefkow
 Imaging Calorimeters: The New Look of Hadrons
Mar. 28  Yuri Gershtein 
 Rutgers U.
 Winter 2014 Physics Results from CMS
Apr. 4  Oleg Brandt
 U. of Heidelberg (D0)
 Top quark mass measurements at DZero: how precise does it get?
Apr. 8
Tue, 4pm

 Jonathan Paley
 Argonne (MIPP)
 Measurement of Charged Pion Production Yields off the NuMI Target in
 the MIPP Experiment
Apr. 11  Abby Vieregg
 U. of Chicago (BICEP2)
 Detection of B-mode Polarization on Degree Angular Scales with the BICEP2
 Experiment at the South Pole
Apr. 18  Tracy Slatyer

 Characterizing a Potential Dark Matter Signal in γ-Rays from the Central Milky Way

Apr. 25  Nhan Tran
 The Evolution of Jets at the LHC: Jets, Subjets and Particles
May 2  Maxim Pospelov
 Perimeter & U. of Victoria
 Broadening the Search for New Physics at Intensity Frontier Experiments
May 8
Thu, 4PM
 Steve Olsen
 Seoul National U. (Belle)
 A New Hadron Spectroscopy     
May 9  Tammy Walton
 Hampton U. & Fermilab

 Exclusive Muon and Proton Quasielastic-like Scattering at MINERvA
May 15
Thu, 4PM
 Regina Demina
 Rochester (D0)
 Top Forward Backward Asymmetry at D0
May 16  Akira Yamamoto
 Progress Towards ILC in Japan
May 23  Junjie Zhu 
 U. of Michigan (ATLAS)

 First evidence of ​same-sign WW production in ​vector boson scattering
​ process ​at ATLAS

May 30  Mark Messier
 Indiana University (NOvA)
 NOvA Status and Prospects
June 6  Salvatore Rappoccio
 Recent Searches for New Physics With Top Quarks at CMS
June 13  Dmitry Bandurin
 U. of Virginia

 Probing the nucleon structure with multiple patron interactions at D0
June 20  Silvia Pascoli
 Durham U.
 Neutrinos: Towards an Understanding of the Origin of Neutrino Masses
 and Mixing Beyond the Standard Model
June 27  Jahred Adelman
Yale (ATLAS)
 Searches for New Physics at ATLAS Using Pair Production of Higgs Bosons
July 4    No seminar
July 11  Tulika Bose
 Boston U.
 Summer 2014 Results from CMS
July 18  Sabine Lammers
Indiana U. (ATLAS)
 Vector Boson Fusion Production at ATLAS
July 25  Soo-Bong Kim
 Seoul National U. (RENO)
 Recent Results from RENO
Aug. 1  Aaron Higuera
 Rochester & Guanajuato
 Coherent Charged Pion Production at MINERvA
Aug. 8
 No seminar.
Aug. 15  Tom LeCompte
 The Higgs: Past, Present and Future
Aug. 22  Raman Sundrum
 U. of Maryland
 Super-Natural vs. Other-Worldly in Fundamental Physics
Aug. 29  Sanjay Padhi
 UC San Diego
 Next steps in the Energy Frontier - Hadron Colliders
Sep. 5
 Cancellation - no seminar.
Sep. 12
 Chris Neu
 U. of Virginia
 Latest Results on the Higgs Boson from CMS
Sep. 19
1 PM
 Fabrizio Palla

 The Rare Decay Bs to mu mu at CMS
Sep. 26  Alberto Marchionni

 50 Years of Accelerator-Based Neutrino Beams, and More to Come
Oct. 3  Ornella Palamara
 Detection of Short Range Correlated nucleon pairs in charged-current
 neutrino interactions at ArgoNeuT

Oct. 10  Gray Rybka
 U. of Washington
 Toward a Measurment of Neutrino Masses with Cyclotron Radiation
 Emission Spectroscopy: First results from Project 8
Oct. 17  Lisa Whitehead
 U. of Huston
 Hitting from the baseline: Long-baseline neutrino studies
Oct. 24  Graham Farmelo
 Cambridge & Northeastern
 Paul Dirac: The Theorist's Theorist   --   (joint with the Colloquium)
Oct. 31  Wei Li
 Rice U.(CMS)
 Recent Results from Heavy Ion Collisions at CMS
Nov. 7  Morgan Wascko
 Imperial College (T2K)
 New Measurements of Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering from T2K
Nov. 14  Breese Quinn
 U. of Mississippi
 The Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society:
 D0 Precision Measurements of EW Bosons from Birth to Death
Nov. 21  Simona Murgia
 UC Irvine (Fermi LAT)
Nov. 28 Day after Thanksgiving  No seminar
Dec. 5  Martijn Mulders
 Recent Results on Top Quark Physics from CMS
Dec. 12  Alex Himmel
 Duke U. (T2K)
 Measuring Neutrino Oscillations with the T2K Experiment
Dec. 19  Dave Toback
 Texas A&M
 CDF Legacy Results: 2014 and Future

Dec. 26  Winter break  No seminar. Happy Holidays!

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