Visiting Scientists

Name Institution Dates at Fermilab Office
Richard Hill University of Kentucky 08/01/19- present 367
Oleksandr Tomalak

(Richard Hill’s post-doc)

University of Kentucky 09/16/19-06/30/20 372
Martin R. Jorgensen                 (Chris Hill’s student) University of Southern Denmark 10/16/19-02/01/20 cubicle 342E
Ryan Plestid

(Richard Hill’s post-doc)

University of Kentucky 10/20/19-09/30/22 326
Victor Munoz


University of Valencia 01/01/20-01/20/20 cubicle 342M
Huangyu Xiao              (Paddy Fox’s post-doc) University of Washington, Seattle 01/20/20-02/20/20


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