Theoretical Physics Seminar

Regular seminars are Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall, Curia II.
Special dates or rooms are given below.

At the moment, all theory seminars are online. See indico with all online scientific seminars here.

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If you have a FNAL Services account, you can find the link to the seminar here.
Otherwise, the link can be given upon request

Please contact Florian HerrenRyan Janish, Noemi Rocco, or all three for more information.

Past seminars

Raw date Event date Title Speakers Host Summary Links
20220526 May 26, 2022 TBD Toby Opferkuch, UC Berkeley Ryan Janish
20220531 May 31, 2022 *Please note date - Tuesday * - Atom Interferometer Tests of Dark Matter Yikun Wang, Caltech
20220602 June 2, 2022 Determining the Neutrino Lifetime From Cosmology Abhish Dev, FNAL Neutrinos are the most mysterious particles in the standard model. Many of their fundamental properties such as their masses, lifetimes, and nature (Dirac or Majorana) are yet to be pinned down by experiments. Currently, the strongest bound on neutrino masses comes from cosmology. This bound is obtained by scrutinizing the gravitational effect of the cosmic... More »
20220609 June 9, 2022 TBD [QIS] Alessandro Baroni, Los Alamos National Laboratory Noemi Rocco
20220616 June 16, 2022 Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC Ian Moult, Yale Florian Herren Jets of hadrons produced at high-energy colliders provide experimental access to the dynamics of asymptotically free quarks and gluons and their confinement into hadrons. Motivated by recent developments in conformal field theory, we propose a reformulation of jet substructure as the study of correlation functions of a specific class of light-ray operators and their associated... More »
20220623 June 23, 2022 TBD Andrew Long, Rice University Ryan Janish
20220630 June 30, 2022 TBD Peter Skands, Monash Florian Herren