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20160901 Sept. 1, 2016 New Physics Searches at DUNE Kevin Kelly, Northwestern U. pubs
20160901 Sept. 1, 2016 New Physics Searches at DUNE
20160908 Sept. 8, 2016 The Minimal SUSY B-L Model: Simultaneous Wilson Lines and String Thresholds Burt Ovrut, University of Pennsylvania Chris H. pubs
20160908 Sept. 8, 2016 The Minimal SUSY B-L Model: Simultaneous Wilson Lines and String Thresholds
20160922 Sept. 22, 2016 Relaxion from particle production Gustavo Marques-Tavares, Boston U. Jack pubs
20160922 Sept. 22, 2016 Relaxion from particle production
20160929 Sept. 29, 2016 Little Conformal Symmetry Rachel Houtz, UC Davis Seyda pubs
20160929 Sept. 29, 2016 Little Conformal Symmetry
20161006 Oct. 6, 2016 Higgs Relaxation Leptogenesis Lauren Pearce, Minnesota U. Seyda
20161006 Oct. 6, 2016 Higgs Relaxation Leptogenesis
20161013 Oct. 13, 2016 Dark matter annihilation via dark bound state formation Haipeng An, Caltech Paddy pubs
20161018 Oct. 18, 2016 Leaving Plato's Cave: Beyond the Simplest Models of Dark Matter and Flavor Symmetry Alexander Natale, KIAS, Seoul Kiel pubs
20161020 Oct. 20, 2016 Resummation for Differential Distributions Vincent Theeuwes, SUNY Buffalo John pubs
20161027 Oct. 27, 2016 New physics in Supernovae and IceCube Flavor Ratios Vedran Brdar, MITP, Mainz U. Paddy inSPIRE
20161103 Nov. 3, 2016 Towards Realistic Simulation of t-channel Single Top-Quark Production Hua Xing Zhu, MIT Ye inSPIRE
20161110 Nov. 10, 2016 Gravitational Waves as a New Probe of Dark Matter Bhupal Dev, Washington University St. Louis Zhen Abstract: A dark matter (DM) halo intervening along the line of sight of a gravitational wave (GW) signal could induce a change in the speed of GW. We show that this change of speed is observable with the current LIGO sensitivity for a class of self-interacting ultralight DM models, where the DM particles could form... More » inSPIRE
20161115 Nov. 15, 2016 Higgs Effective Field Theories - Systematics and Applications Claudius Krause, University of Munich; Note day and location: Tuesday, WH3NW Marcela
20161117 Nov. 17, 2016 Secluded Neutrinos: From the Early Universe to IceCube Ian Shoemaker, University of South Dakota Pilar HEPNAMES
20161124 Nov. 24, 2016 Happy Thanksgiving! No seminar
20161201 Dec. 1, 2016 The String Soundscape at Gravitational Wave Detectors Isabel Garcia-Garcia, University of Oxford Kiel
20161208 Dec. 8, 2016 No seminar
20161215 Dec. 15, 2016 INT Workshop on Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions Minerba Betancourt, Fermilab; Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab Andreas Workshop website Note location: One West Andreas's slides
Minerba's slides
20170105 Jan. 5, 2017 No Seminar
20170112 Jan. 12, 2017 The Fate of Axion Stars Hong Zhang, Ohio State U Inspires profile
20170119 Jan. 19, 2017 It's not just the Higgs Sally Dawson, BNL Paddy InSPIREs Profile
20170126 Jan. 26, 2017 Being flat with no symmetry Yue Zhao, University of Michigan Paddy Inspire profile
20170202 Feb. 2, 2017 Exploring the Higgs-top coupling at the LHC Dorival Gonçalves, Pittsburgh U. Pedro Inspires profile
20170209 Feb. 9, 2017 Extraction of the triple Higgs coupling at e+e- colliders using EFT Michael Peskin, SLAC Paddy InSPIRE profile
20170216 Feb. 16, 2017 Hindered M1 Radiative Decay of Υ(2S) and ηb(2S) from Lattice NRQCD Ciaran Hughes, Fermilab (local) Inspire profile
20170223 Feb. 23, 2017 Flavor Gauge Models Below the Fermi Scale (and why neutrinos matter!) Pedro Machado, Fermilab (local) Inspires profile
20170302 March 2, 2017 Neutrino-nucleus Interactions Noemi Rocco, IFIC Valencia Andreas inSPIREs profile
20170309 March 9, 2017 The Trouble with the Lattice Axial Charge Huey-Wen Lin, Michigan State U. Ciaran inSPIRE profile
20170314 March 14, 2017 Relaxed inflation Lorenzo Ubaldi, Tel Aviv University Roni InSPIRE profile
20170316 March 16, 2017 Few-hadron electroweak reactions from lattice QCD Raúl Briceño, Jefferson Lab Ciaran inSPIRE profile
20170323 March 23, 2017 Double Scalar Production at LHC and Beyond Ian Lewis, University of Delaware Zhen The simplest extension of the Standard Model is to add a gauge singlet scalar: the singlet extended Standard Model.  Although simple, this model is quite well-motivated and has an interesting phenomenology.  Of particular interest is that this model can provide a mechanism for the strong first order phase transition necessary for electroweak baryogenesis. In this... More » InSPIRE profile
20170330 March 30, 2017 Conformal QED3 and the ε expansion Emmanuel Stamou, University of Chicago Pilar The theory of Quantum Electrodynamics in three dimensions (QED3) has received considerable attention due to its applications in condensed matter physics and due to its similarities with stongly coupled QCD-like theories in four dimensions. QED3 is strongly coupled at energies close to the gauge coupling that in this case is dimensionful. Whereas for a large... More » inSPIRE profile
20170406 April 6, 2017 Effective theories for point sources Cliff Burgess, McMaster/PI Paddy Nature comes to us with many hierarchies of scale, and science progresses because we do not need to understand them all at once. Effective theories exploit this fact to isolate what is important at any scale. This talk summarizes how effective theories work for applications to the ordinary and relativistic quantum mechanics of a particle... More » InSPIRE profile
20170411 April 11, 2017 CERN ν-Physics Summary Seyda Ipek, Fermilab Local Inspires Profile
20170413 April 13, 2017 Hadron resonances in coupled-channel scattering from lattice QCD Jozef Dudek, College of William and Mary Ciaran InSPIRE profile
20170420 April 20, 2017 The Vev Flip-Flop: Dark Matter Decay between Weak Scale Phase Transitions Michael Baker, JGU Mainz Stefan InSPIRE profile

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