Tools and resources


The theory group develops and provides leading theoretical tools based on lattice QCD and perturbative QCD.

  • MCFM Monte Carlo program
    Program designed to calculate cross-sections for various femtobarn-level processes at hadron-hadron colliders. For most processes, matrix elements are included at next-to-leading order and incorporate full spin correlations.
  • QCDLoop: A Repository for one-loop scalar integrals
    Repository of one-loop scalar Feynman integrals, evaluated close to four dimensions.
  • Sherpa event generator
    A general-purpose Monte-Carlo event generator for collider physics at lepton-lepton, lepton-hadron and hadron-hadron colliders.


  • Neutrino Cross Sections
    Series of meetings to discuss uncertainties in neutrino-nucleus scattering, with the aim to reduce them and to devise a framework for propagating these uncertainties to fundamental (B)SM parameters in the neutrino sector.
  • Lattice Gauge theory
    Website of the Fermilab Lattice Gauge theory computational facility. Fermilab operates large clusters of computers for lattice quantum chromodynamics, as part of the national computational infrastructure for lattice QCD established by the Department of Energy.
  • Storage of Knowledge (SOK)
    The Theory Division plays host to a small collection of physics and mathematics text books.