Visiting Scientists

Name Institution Dates at Fermilab Office
Richard Hill University of Kentucky 08/01/17- 07/31/19 367
Anders Thomsen Univ. of Southern Denmark 10/14/18-04/06/19 cubicle 342D
Julia Stadler                            (Invisibles) Univ. of Southampton 02/03/19-04/07/19 cubicle 342J
Zhen Liu University of Maryland 02/05/19-02/07/19
Dan Carney University of Maryland 02/11/19-02/16/19
Davi Bastos Costa          (Gustavo Burdman’s student) University of Sao Paulo 02/16/19-08/16/19
Tom Blum            (Distinguished Scholar) University of Connecticut 02/17/19-02/20/19 326
Gabriela Barenboim University of Valencia 07/14/19-08/21/19


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