Graduate Student Research Program

This program is on hiatus.

Fermilab announces the Fermilab Graduate Student Research Program in Theoretical Physics, which is intended for graduate students at U.S. universities who are in the research phase of graduate study in theoretical particle physics or theoretical astrophysics. Positions in this program will last for one year (12 months), generally starting in the Fall. They will carry a competitive stipend as well as allowances for travel and (reduced) tuition. Graduate students in the Graduate Student Research Program will remain matriculated at their home universities but be in residence at Fermilab.

To be eligible, prospective students must identify a Fermilab supervisor from the scientific staff of either the
Theoretical Physics Department or Theoretical Astrophysics Department. These departments offer strong and exciting research opportunities in collider physics, neutrino physics, perturbative QCD, lattice gauge theory, model building, astrophysics, and cosmology. The research environment at Fermilab, while theoretically rigorous, is nourished by close connections with the laboratory’s experimental programs.

Applications will be taken through academicjobsonline (if needed, select FGSRPThPh2015). Applicants must submit a CV and a plan for research while at Fermilab. Applicants should arrange for their university supervisor to submit a letter of recommendation explaining not only the applicant’s suitability for the Graduate Student Research Program but also how research at Fermilab would enrich the applicant’s graduate studies. Finally, the Fermilab staff member supervising the student’s research will have to prepare a short written summary of research goals during the Graduate Student Research Program. This summary may be written after the application has been submitted, but it is highly recommended that applicants contact potential supervisors as soon as possible. The selection committee will facilitate connections between applicants and potential Fermilab supervisors. Fermilab theorists’ contact information can be found by clicking on the departmental links at the bottom of this page.

Further details for the coming Academic Year.

Citizens of all nations are welcome to apply, but if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you must have a valid visa. In all cases, applicants must be Ph D students at a US university.

For questions, please contact Patrick Fox.