A measurement of the W boson mass at LHCb

  • Aug. 6, 2021, 4:00 pm US/Central
  • Stephen Farry, University of Liverpool

The LHCb detector is a dedicated flavour physics detector at the LHC, instrumented in the forward region and optimised for the study of B and D hadron decays. However, due to its unique coverage, it has also made important measurements in a number of other sectors including electroweak and top quark physics. It was also recently pointed out that the uncertainties due to one of the largest uncertainties on measurements of the W boson mass at the LHC, the parton distribution functions, are expected to be anti-correlated between LHCb and the central detectors. Consequently a measurement of the W boson mass at LHCb could have a significant impact in an LHC average, increasing the experimental precision of this fundamental observable even further. In this seminar, a short review of recent results and prospects in the sector of electroweak and top physics at LHCb will be presented, followed by the first measurement of the W boson mass using a dataset of 1.7 fb-1 recorded in 2016.