Dark Photon bounds in the dark EFT

  • Oct. 7, 2021, 2:30 pm US/Central
  • Enrico Bertuzzo, University of São Paulo
  • Pedro
  • slides
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Dark photons are among the simplest extensions of the Standard Model (SM): a renormalizable kinetic mixing with the ordinary photons generates a coupling between the dark photon and the SM electromagnetic current. Such coupling can be used to probe the parameter space of the model, resulting in severe bounds. In this talk, I will discuss a modification of such a scenario in which additional dark photon couplings are present. The discussion will be framed in the context of a “dark EFT” constructed out of the dark photon and SM fields. Focussing on the effect of dark lepton dipole moments, I will show how current bounds may be drastically modified even for relatively heavy new physics.