Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2004

Date Speaker Title
Dec. 17 Tao Han

Univ. of Wisconsin

Smoking gun signatures for little Higgs models at hadron colliders
Dec. 10 Joe Mohr

Univ. of Illinois

Studying Structure Formation and Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters

on Fundamental Physics from Clusters of Galaxies

Dec. 3 Saverio D’Auria

Univ. of Glasgow

B_c: Fully
reconstructed decays and mass measurement at CDF
Nov. 19 David Waters

University College London

of Diboson Production at CDF
Nov. 12 Francis Halzen

Univ. of Wisconsin

Astronomy at the South Pole: From AMANDA to IceCube
Nov. 5 Savas Dimopoulos

Stanford Univ.

Signatures of High-Scale Supersymmetry
Oct. 29 Stuart Freedman

UC Berkeley

Kamland results
Oct. 22 Ann Nelson

Univ. of Washington

Dark Energy from Mass varying Neutrinos, and Neutrino Oscillations
Oct. 15 Greg Landsberg

Brown Univ.

Search for hidden dimensions in Space at D0
Oct. 8 Mayda Velasco

Northwestern Univ.

NA48 results
Oct. 1 Takasumi Maruyama

Univ. of Tsukuba

ttbar \
Cross Section Measurement using Kinematic Fitting of
b-tagged Lepton+Jet Events at CDF
Sept. 24 Steve Holmes and Shekhar Mishra


Linear Collider R&D: Fermilab Plans
Sept. 17 Konstantin Matchev

Univ. of Florida

The Tevatron-to-LHC Physics RoadmapTeV4LHC Workshop
Sept. 10 Alexander Khanov

Univ. of Rochester

Top cross
section measurement in the lepton + jets channel with B-tagging at DØ
August 20 Nicole Bell


Cosmic Neutrinos — from the Highest Energies to the Lowest
August 6 Marco Rescigno

Univ. of Rome

Branching Ratios and CP Asymmetries in Charmless Two Body
Decays B->hh in CDF
July 30 Vivek Jain


Selected B Physics Analyses from Dzero: B_s–>mu+ mu- and B**
July 23 Anton Anastassov

Rutgers Univ.

Physics with Tau Leptons at CDF
July 16 Colin Gay

Yale University (CDF)

Amplitude Analysis of B_d –> J/psi K*
and B_s –> J/psi phi and a Lifetime Difference in the B_s System
July 2 Paolo Giromini


Evidence for pair production
of jets with an anomalous lepton content at the Tevatron

June 25 XXII International Symposium
on Lattice Field Theory
June 18 Anatoly Evdokimov

ITEP, Moscow

First Observation of a New Narrow Ds Meson at 2632 MeV
June 11 Kohei Yorita

Waseda Univ.

Top mass measurement in Run II at CDF using the dynamic likelihood method
June 4 Ed Blucher

Univ. of Chicago

A New Determination of |Vus| from KTeV
May 28 Stephen Pate

New Mexico State Univ.

Don’t Forget to Measure \Delta s
May 21 Davison Soper

Univ. of Oregon

Diffractive Hard Scattering: What have we learned?(Workshop on QCD
at the Tevatron
May 14 Paul Langacker

Univ. of Pennsylvania

From Zero to Z0: A Workshop on Precision Electroweak Physics
May 7 Peter Wittich

Univ. of Pennsylvania

Top cross section from dileptons in Run II at CDF
Thursday, May 6 Dan Bauer


First Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search at Soudan
April 30 Sergey Burdin


B+/B0 lifetime ratio and Bd mixing at D0
April 23 Juan Collar

Univ. of Chicago

of Axion Searches
April 16 Doug Glenzinski


Search for Bs–>mu mu and Bd–> mumu in ppbar collisions at
sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
April 9 Gordon Watts

Univ. of Washington

D0 results on Electroweak, Top Quark and Higgs
April 2 Simona Rolli

Tufts Univ.

Recent results on top quark, electroweak and new physics searches from CDF
Thursday, April 1

in Curia II

Steve Kettell


First Results from AGS E949 on K-plus Decays to pi-plus, Neutrino and
March 26 Andrei Nomerotski


D0 results on B Physics and New Phenomena
March 19 Guillelmo Gomez-Ceballos


Status of Bottom, Charm, and QCD Physics at CDF
March 12 Michael Schmitt

Northwestern Univ.

Apparent Excess in e+e- –> hadrons
March 5 Adam Para


Liquid Argon TPC for NuMI Off Axis and proton decay experiment
Feb. 27 Gary Shiu

Univ. of Wisconsin

Testing String Theory from the Sky
Tuesday, Feb. 24 Tom Browder

Univ. of Hawaii

New results on
CP violation from Belle
Feb. 20 Rolf Scharenberg

Purdue Univ.

Signatures of the quark-gluon to hadron thermal phase transition
in pbar-p collisions at 1.8 TeV
Feb. 6 Robert Jaffe


Jan. 30 Andre de Gouvea

Northwestern Univ.

What Have We REALLY Learned From Neutrino Oscillation Experiments?
Jan. 23 Michelangelo Mangano


The 15-year saga of the b cross-section
Jan. 16 Priscilla Cushman

Univ. of Minnesota

Muon g-2: E-821 Final Results and Prospects for the Future
Jan. 9 Ken Hicks

Ohio Univ.

Evidence for the Pentaquark: an Exotic Baryon