Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2005

Date Speaker Title
Dec. 16 Marcel Demarteau


The SiD Detector at the ILC Design Study and ILC Detector R&D at Fermilab
Dec. 9 Sheldon Stone

Syracuse U.

Leptonic and semileptonic D-decays at CLEO-C
Dec. 2 Jose Repond


Jet Energy Flow and Calorimetry
Nov. 18 Jonathan Link

Columbia U.

Meson Production Results from E910 and Their Relevance to MiniBooNE
Nov. 11 Mark Neubauer


New Lifetime and Mixing Results from CDF
Oct. 21 TeV4LHC workshop, no seminar.
Oct. 28 Alan Weinstein


The Search for Gravitational Waves with LIGO: Recent Results
Oct. 14 Geoffrey Mills


Results from the HARP Experiment
Oct. 7 Morgan Wascko

Louisiana State Univ.

Charged current single pi+ production at MiniBooNe
Sept. 30 Thomas Junk


Search for the Higgs Bosons predicted by the Standard Model and the
Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at CDF
Sept. 23 Bill Bardeen Symposium
Sept. 16 Lisa Shabalina


Top production cross section and branching ratio
measurements at Dzero
Sept. 9 Monica D’Onofrio

University of Geneva

b-jet production cross section at CDF
Sept. 2 Rick van Kooten

Indiana U.

Search for B_s Oscillations: New DZero Results
Aug. 26 David Ambrose

Daniel Whiteson
U. of Pennsylvania

Top quark mass measurement in the dilepton channel at CDF (part 1, part 2)
Aug. 19 Caius Howcroft


Charge Separated Atmospheric Neutrinos at the MINOS Far Detector
Aug. 12 Ulrich Nierste


CKM matrix and CP violation
Aug. 5 Anyes Taffard

U. of Illinois

Top pair-production cross section and a search for anomalous heavy
flavor decays in W+jets at CDF
July 29 Brian Petersen


Charm physics at BaBar
July 22 Regina Demina

U. of Rochester

Top quark mass measurement from DZero
July 15 Aaron Chou


First scientific results of the Pierre Auger Observatory
July 8 Gavin Hesketh

Northeastern Univ.

Recent results from DZero
July 1 Rolland Johnson

Muons, Inc.

Recent innovations in muon beam cooling and prospects for
muon colliders at Fermilab
June 24
Tevatron Connection Workshop
June 17 Cheng-Ju Lin


Search for Bs–>mu+mu- and Bd–>mu+mu- Decays at CDF
June 10 Robin Erbacher
UC Davis
quark properties from CDF
June 3 Yuri Kamyshkov

Univ. of Tennessee

Baryon Number Violating Processes and the Proton Driver
May 27 Alexei Safonov

UC Davis

Searches for Supersymmetry at CDF
May 20 Volker Buescher

Univ. Freiburg, Germany

Search for Supersymmetry at DZero
May 13 Greg Veramendi

U. of Illinois, Champaign

High Mass Phenomena at CDF

May 10

Steve Olsen

Univ. of Hawaii

Non-standard mesons
May 6 Valery Khoze


Exclusive Diffractive Higgs Production and Related Processes
April 22 Yury Kolomensky

UC Berkeley

E158 results on parity violation in electron-electron (Moller) scattering
April 15 Avto Kharchilava

Univ. of Notre Dame

Searches for Higgs bosons at Dzero

April 12

Un-Ki Yang

University of Chicago

Top quark mass measurement at CDF
April 5
Gino Isidori

INFN Frascati

The physics case for rare Kaon decays
April 1 Reinhard Schwienhorst

Michigan State Univ.

Search for single top quark production at DZero
March 25 Masashi Tanaka


CDF Bs Mixing Results
March 18 Daria Zieminska

Indiana Univ.

Lifetime difference and a limit on mixing in the Bs system from D0
March 11 James Olsen

Princeton Univ.

The other angles: measurements of alpha and gamma at BaBar
Feb. 25 Dmitry Litvintsev


Status of Pentaquark Searches


Feb. 18 Robert Kowalewski

Univ. of Victoria

Results on Semileptonic B Decays from BaBar
Feb. 11 Tim Tait


Z-prime searches
in Run II
Feb. 4 Boris Kayser


APS Neutrino Study
January 28 Tom Diehl


Electroweak Physics Results from Dzero
January 21 HyangKyu Park

Univ. of Michigan

The Decay
Sigma+ -> p mu+ mu- and Possible New Physics from HyperCP

January 14 Denis Dujmic


Sine 2 beta from Charmonium and Penguin modes at BaBar
January 7 Chris Walter

Duke Univ.

Super-K, K2K and T2K: The Present and Future