Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2006

Date Speaker Title
Dec. 21 Julia Velkovska

Vanderbilt U.

Flow and Wake in the Quark-Gluon Liquid produced at RHIC
Dec. 14 Karen Gibson

U. of Pittsburgh

Study of CP violation in Bs→ J/ψ φ Decays at CDF
Dec. 11,

4p.m., 1 West
Zarko Pavlovic
U. of Texas, Austin
Zelimir Djurcic
Columbia U.
Analysis of muon and electron neutrino events from the NuMI beamline at
Dec. 7 Gregorio Bernardi


Combination of SM Higgs Results at DZero
Nov. 30 Rik Yoshida


Recent results from ZEUS and HERA
Nov. 16 Michelangelo Mangano


Answering the Great Questions of Particle Physics with Energy and Intensity Frontier Facilities
(as part of the workshop on physics with a high intensity proton source)
Nov. 9 Erich Varnes

U. of Arizona

Measurement of the W Boson Helicity in Top Quark Decays at DZero
Nov. 2 Howard Georgi


Unparticle physics
Oct. 30,

4p.m., 1 West
Aaron Chou


New Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Oct. 19 Dmitri Tsybychev

SUNY, Stony Brook

Looking for new physics in the b-quark system
Oct. 12 Darin Acosta

U.of Florida

Status of the Commissioning of CMS
Oct. 5 Lauren Hsu


Recent Results from KamLAND
Sept. 28 Thomas Wright

U. of Michigan

MSSM Higgs Searches at CDF
Sept. 21 Juan Collar

U. of Chicago

COUPP, a Dark Matter Search at FNAL: Status and First Results
Sept. 14 Alexander Khanov

Oklahoma State U.

SM Higgs searches at DZero
Sept. 7 Yuri Gershtein

Florida State U.

New Searches Results from DZero
August 31 Alain Herve


Review of the Design Choices and Construction of the CMS Experiment (pdf, ppt)
August 24 Oriol Salto

U. of Barcelona

Boson+jets measurements at CDF
August 17 Brian Rebel


New Atmospheric Muon Physics Results in the MINOS Far Detector
August 10
John Hobbs

SUNY, Stony Brook,
Mark Neubauer

New Results for Lepton-Photon 2007 from CDF and Dzero
July 27 Michael Harrison


U.S. ILC R&D Plans
July 20 Christian Schwanenberger

U. of Manchester

Top Quark Physics at DZero as a Probe for New Physics
July 19 Niki Saoulidou


Updated results on νμ disappearance from MINOS
July 13 Alberto Sanchez-Hernandez


Measurements of the Λb Lifetime at DZero
July 6 Scott Dodelson


Neutrinos and the Universe – Cosmology
(as part of the Neutrino Physics Summer School)
June 29 Milind Diwan


Report of the US Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment Study
June 22 Bruce Knuteson


Global Analysis of CDF High-pT Data
June 15 Jean-Paul Kneib


Mapping Dark Matter in the Universe with Gravitational Lensing (29 MB)
June 15 Dmitry Litvintsev


Observation of a New b-baryon &Xib at CDF
June 15 Eduard de la Cruz Burelo

U. of Michigan

First Observation of a New b-baryon &Xib at DZero: Celebrating 30 Years of
Beauty at Fermilab (pdf, ppt)
June 8 Ben Kilminster

Ohio State U.

Cornering the Higgs with Nets: a CDF search for SM Higgs produced with a Z boson
June 1 Geralyn Zeller

Columbia University

Neutrino Cross Section Physics: Past, Present and Future
May 25 Matteo Rama

INFN Frascati

Measurement of the Angle gamma of the Unitarity Triangle: Status and Prospects
May 18 Ian Shipsey

Purdue U.

Latest Results from CLEO-C
May 11 Jonathan Feng

UC Irvine

Supersymmetric Dark Matter
May 4 Jay Hubisz


Tools for the LHC: Beyond the Standard Model
Apr 27 Alan Schwartz

U. of Cincinnati

Evidence for D0-D0bar Mixing at Belle
Apr. 20 David Waters

UC London

Measurement of the W Width at CDF
Apr. 13 Klaus Desch

U. Bonn

LHC ILC Interplay
Apr. 11
William Louis

Janet Conrad

Columbia U.

Initial MiniBooNE Oscillation Results
Apr. 9 Ray Cowan


Evidence for D0-D0bar Mixing at Babar
Apr. 6 Wade Fisher


Higgs Searches at DZero
Mar. 30 Koji Terashi

Rockefeller U.

Diffraction and Exclusive Production at CDF: Towards Exclusive Higgs at LHC
Mar. 23 Max Goncharov

Texas A&M

Searches for heavy long-lived particles at CDF
Mar. 16 Arnd Meyer

RWTH Aachen

D0 Results on Searches for New Phenomena
Mar. 9 Marc Ross


The Reference Design Report and Cost Estimate for the International Linear Collider
Feb. 23 Michael Chanowitz


Precision Electroweak Data and the Higgs Boson Mass
Feb. 16 Abraham Seiden


P5 Report: The Particle Physics Roadmap
Feb. 9 Brendan Casey

Brown U.

D0 Results on CP Violation in Bs Mixing
Feb. 2 Anton Anastassov

Rutgers University

Search for the MSSM Higgs in the Tau Pair Decay Mode at CDF
Jan. 19 Dean Karlen

U. of Victoria

ILC Detector R&D and Test Beams
Jan. 12 Albert de Roeck


The LHC: The First Few Years (ppt, pdf)
Jan. 5 Ashutosh Kotwal

Duke U.

First Run II Measurement of the W Boson Mass by CDF