Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2008

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 11 Mark Mattson

Wayne State U.

Evidence for D0D0 Mixing at CDF
Jan. 18 Christos Leonidopoulos


The LHC Trigger Challenge and the CMS strategy
Jan. 25 William Marciano


Frontier Physics at a High Intensity Proton Facility

(as part of the 2nd Project X Physics Workshop )

Feb. 1 Elliot Lipeles


WZ Anomalous Couplings and ZZ at CDF
Feb. 8 Sourabh Dube

Rutgers U.

Search for Supersymmetry at CDF using Trileptons
Feb 15 Mikko Voutilainen

U. of Nebraska, Lincoln

Inclusive Jet Production at DZero
Feb 22 Bruce Hoeneisen

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Measurement of CP Violation with B-Mesons at DO
Feb. 25 Elizabeth Worcester

U. of Chicago

The Final Measurement of ε’/ε from KTeV
Feb. 29 Richard Hill


The anomalous baryon current and neutrino-photon interactions in the Standard Model
March 4 Jonghee Yoo


First CDMS 5-Tower Results
March 7 Silke Nelson


B decays with tau leptons in the final state at BaBar
March 14 Jonathon Coleman


New Results on Charm Mixing from
March 21 Stefan Soldner-Rembold

University of Manchester

Dzero Physics Highlights from Moriond
March 28 Tom Junk


Measurement of Single Top Quark Production with CDF
April 4 Charles Plager


How Charming is the Truth? – The Search for Top Flavor Changing Neutral Currents t → Z c at CDF Run II
April 11 Alexandre Sousa

Oxford U.

First Results from Analysis of Neutral Current Neutrino Interactions in MINOS
April 18 Ulrich Heintz

Boston U.

Precision Top Measurements at DZero
April 25 Kohei Yorita

U. of Chicago

Search for the SM Higgs with H → τ τ decay mode at CDF
May 2 Mirko Boezio

INFN Trieste

The Science of the PAMELA Space Mission
May 9 Andre de Gouvea

Northwestern U.

NuSOnG: Looking for Heavy and Light New Physics in High-Energy Neutrino
May 16 John Marriner


Results from the SDSS-II Supernova Survey
May 23 Per Jonsson

Imperial College

Searches for MSSM Higgs Bosons with DZero
May 30 Conor Henderson


Global Search for New Physics with 2 fb-1 at CDF
June 6 Pavel Nadolsky


Parton Distributions for the LHC Era
June 13 Heather Ray

U. of Florida

Testing the Compatibility of MiniBooNE and Other
High Δm2 Oscillation Searches
June 20 Hans Wenzel


Results in Rare Heavy Flavor Decays at CDF
June 27 Pierreluigi Belli

U. of Rome Tor Vergata

First results from DAMA/LIBRA
July 4 Independence Day
July 11 Junjie Zhu

SUNY, Stony Brook

From W to Z: Electroweak and QCD Results from DZero
July 18 Joseph Formaggio


Twilight: Results from the Third and Last Phase of the SNO Experiment
July 25
Chris Hays

Oxford U.
Aurelio Juste


New results for ICHEP from CDF (slides) and DZero (slides)
August 1 Chris Polly


Updates to the Low Energy Excess in MiniBooNE
August 8 Peter Kim


Observation of the Bottomonium Ground State
August 15
4:00 to 5:20
Aurore Savoy-Navarro

LPNHE, U. of P. and M. Curie
Andrew Askew
Florida State U.

Recent CDF and DZero Results
(as part of the Hadron Collider Physics Summer School)
August 22 Alessandro Vicini

U. of Milano

Drell-Yan processes at hadron colliders
August 29 Eduard de la Cruz Burelo


Observation of the doubly strange b-baryon Ωb (video)
Sept. 5 Francois Vannucci

APC Paris

Search for heavy neutrinos and other exotica
Sept. 12 Stefan Söldner-Rembold

U. of Manchester

Double Beta Decay Searches with NEMO-3 and SuperNEMO
Sept. 19 Michael Strang

SUNY Buffalo

Observation of ZZ production with DZero
Sept. 26 Benjamin Grinstein


Minimal Lepton Flavor Violation
Oct. 3 Robert Bernstein


A New Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation: Muon-Electron Conversion at Fermilab
Oct. 10 Thomas Schwarz

UC Davis

Measurement of the Top Cross Section at CDF
Oct. 17 No seminar
Oct. 24 Alan Boyle


Magnetic Attraction: A Journalist’s View of the LHC’s Status in Popular Culture
Oct. 31 Kendall Mahn

Columbia U.

MiniBooNE Muon Neutrino and Muon Antineutrino Disappearance Results
Nov. 7 Zhe Wang


New measurement of the K+ → π+ ν ν-bar branching ratio
Nov. 11 Paolo Giromini

INFN Frascati

Study of multi-muon events at CDF
Nov. 14 Wade Fisher


On the road to the Higgs: evidence for semileptonic WW/WZ decays at DZero
Nov. 21
Katsuki Hiraide

Kyoto U.

Search for Charged Current Coherent Pion Production by Neutrinos at SciBooNE
Nov. 28 Happy Thanksgiving
Dec. 5 Andrew Ivanov

UC Davis

The Truth the Top Quark is Hiding
Dec. 11
Georgia Karagiorgi


Electron Antineutrino Appearance Results from MiniBooNE
Dec. 12 Shabnam Jabeen

Boston U.

The Top Quark as a window to new physics at DZero
Dec. 19 Petar Maksimovic

Johns Hopkins University

Recent CDF measurements of B hadron lifetimes in displaced tracks-triggered