Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2009

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 9 Andreas Kronfeld
Accumulating evidence for nonstandard leptonic decays of Ds mesons
Jan. 16 No Seminar
Jan. 23 Marc Hohlfeld
U. of Bonn
SUSY Searches in Tri-lepton Final States
Jan. 30 Michel Davier
LAL, Orsay
BaBar results on e+ e → π+ π and the muon g-2 prediction
Feb. 6 George W.S. Hou
NTU Taipei
CP Violation for the Heaven and the Earth
Feb. 13 Yurii Maravin
Kansas State University
Observation of Zγ → ννγ at D0:
odp slides,
ppt slides (converted from odp slides).
Feb. 20 Daniel M. Kaplan
Illinois Institute of Technology
New Experiments with AntiProtons
Feb. 27 Mayly Sanchez
Argonne National Laboratory
Initial Study of νμ→νe
Transitions in MINOS
Mar. 6 John Campbell
University of Glasgow
A fresh look at single top production
Mar. 10 Cecilia Gerber
University of Illinois, Chicago
Observation of Single Top at D0
Rainer Wallny
Observation of Single Top at CDF
Mar. 13 Marco Verzocchi (D0)
Sergo Jindariani (CDF)
New Standard Model Higgs Results from D0

The road to SM Higgs sensitivity at the Tevatron

Mar. 17 Kai Yi
University of Iowa
Evidence for a Narrow Near-Threshold Structure in the
J/ψ+φ Mass Spectrum in B+→ J/ψ+φ+K+ Decays at CDF
Mar. 20 Jan Stark
LPSC, Grenoble
Measurement of the W boson mass at D0
Mar. 27 Sasha Pronko
CDF, Fermilab
Searching for New Physics with Light
Apr. 3 Chad Finley
University of Wisconsin
Recent results and Current Status of IceCube
Apr. 10 No Wine and Cheese this week
Apr. 17 Gabriele Benelli
Measurements of CKM gamma angle at BaBar
Apr. 24 Sergey Burdin
University of Liverpool/Lancaster University
Probing the origin of matter/antimatter asymmetry
at Dzero with 5 fb-1
May 1 Vladimir Shiltsev
When will we know a Muon Collider is Feasible
May 8 Hidekazu Tanaka
Summary of SciBooNE Results for the NuInt09 Workshop
May 15 Dr. Jeff Hartnell
University of Sussex
NuMi Muon Anti-Neutrino’s in MINOS
May 19 Pat Lukens
Observation of Omega_b and Measurement of the Properties of Cascade_b and Omega_b at CDF
May 22 Eva Halkiadakis
Rutgers University
Direct measurement of the W production charge asymmetry at CDF
May 29 Bruce Schumm
UC at Santa Cruz
B Factory Measurements of the b -> s(d) gamma Radiative Penguin Transition Rates
June 5 Gene Flanagan
Purdue University
First Observation of Vector Boson Pairs in a Hadronic Final State
at CDF
June 12 No seminar this week
June 19 Jonathan Feng
UC at Irvine
Recent Developments in Dark Matter and Implications for Colliders
June 26 Andy Haas
SLAC/Colombia University
Hunting for extended SUSY and Hidden Valleys at D0
July 3 No Seminar Happy Fourth of July!
July 10 Andre De Gouvea
Northwestern University
Neutrino Summer School: Possible Physics Surprises in Future Experiments
July 17 Yoichiro Suzuki
University of Tokyo
Neutrino Summer School: An Ultimate Neutrino Detector — A Multi-Megaton
Cherenkov Detector
July 24 Gavin Hesketh
Northeastern University
Precision QCD at Dzero: dijets and vector boson plus jets
July 31 Lindley Winslow
KamLAND: Neutrinos from the Earth, the Sun and Nuclear Reactors
August 7 No seminar
August 14
3:30 – 5:00
Arnaud Duperrin
CPPM Marseille

Kevin Pitts
University of Illinois

New results for Lepton-Photon from D0 and CDF
August 21 No seminar
August 28 Chris Quigg
Gedanken Worlds without Higgs

( LHC Physics Potential vs Energy )
September 4 Sarah Eno
University of Maryland
New D0 results on the W width and charge asymmetry, and on gauge couplings
September 11 No seminar
September 18 Paul Lujan
UC Berkeley
Measurement of the Top Mass at CDF
September 25 Sascha Glazov
Recent results from HERA and their impact for LHC
October 2 Fabrice Couderc
CEA, Saclay
MSSM Higgs Boson Searches at D0
October 9 Fred Olness
QCD Puzzles, Predictions and Prognosis:
What can &nu do for you?

October 16 No Seminar
October 23 Fabrizio Margaroli
Purdue University

MET + b-jets: from single top observation to limits on the Higgs at CDF
October 30 No Seminar
November 6 Zack Sullivan
Illinois Institute of Technology
Dilepton and Trilepton Production: Standard Model sources and beyond
November 13 Michael Eads
University of Nebraska
New Higgs results from D0
November 20 No Seminar
November 27 Day after Thanksgiving Holiday
December 4 Oscar Gonzalez Lopez
CIEMAT (Spain)
MET+jets at CDF — results across the program —
December 11 Dmitry Bandurin
Kansas State University
Determination of alpha_s and double parton interactions in D0
December 17 Lauren Hsu
New Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
December 25 Christmas Holiday