Joint Experimental-Theoretical Physics Seminar Archive 2012

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 6 No seminar
Jan. 13 Rouven Essig
Stony Brook
The search for dark photons and the g-2 anomaly
Jan. 20 Shalhout Shalhout
UC Davis

Search for Dark Matter in Monojet Events at CDF
Jan. 27 Huan Lin

Gravitational Lensing and Cosmic Shear with the SDSS Coadd
Feb. 3 Camillo Mariani
Constraining Electron Neutrino Backgrounds for Low Energy Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Feb. 10 Victor Bazterra
Single top: a window to top quark electroweak interactions
Feb. 14, 2pm Pierluigi Campana
Recent results from LHCb and future prospects
Feb. 17 Raphael Granier de Cassagnac
Latest Results from the CMS Heavy-Ion Program
Feb. 23
Thurs, 10am
Ashutosh Kotwal
W Mass Measurement at CDF with 2.2 fb-1 of data
Feb. 24 Joshua Spitz
Results from ArgoNeuT
Mar. 1
Thurs, 4pm
Jan Stark
LPSC Grenoble
W mass measurement at D0 with 5 fb-1 of data
Mar. 2 Matthew Jones
Upsilon Polarization at CDF
Mar. 7
Wed. 2pm
Satish Desai
Latest Higgs results from D0 (pdf)
Michelle Stancari
Latest Higgs results from CDF and Tevatron combination (pdf)
Mar. 9
Fabrizio Margaroli
University of Rome

Christian Schwanenberger
University of Manchester

New results from CDF and D0 for the Winter 2012 conferences
(CDF, D0)
Mar. 16 Rick Cavanaugh
Highlights from Recent CMS Results
Mar. 23 Karsten Heeger
University of Wisconsin
Observation of electron-antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay
Mar. 30 David Mietlicki
Top Pair Forward-Backward Asymmetry with the full CDF sample
Apr. 6 Brendan Kiburg
University of Washington
Muon capture on the proton: Final results from the MuCap experiment
Apr. 11
Wed. 2pm
Soo-Bong Kim
Seoul National University
Observation of the last, weakest neutrino oscillation at RENO
Apr. 13 Chris Polly
Fermilab’s Muon Campus at the Intensity Frontier
Apr. 20 Yannis Semertzidis
A sensitive storage ring Electric Dipole Moment experiment for the proton
Apr. 27 Diego Tonelli
Challenging the SM through CP violation in charm at CDF
May 4 Shekhar Mishra
Indian Institutions and Fermilab Collaboration: Project-X and Particle Physics
May 11 Carlo Dallapiccola
University of Massachusetts
Searches for Beyond the Standard Model Physics at ATLAS
May 18 Markus Wobisch
Louisiana Tech University
Determinations of the strong coupling in jet production at D0 (ppt)
May 25 Jonathan Feng
UC Irvine
Naturalness and the Status of SUSY
Jun. 1 Mike Kordosky
College of William and Mary
Results from MINERvA
Jun. 8
Patricia Vahle
College of William and Mary
New MINOS Results
Jun. 8 Keith Ulmer
University of Colorado
Recent Heavy Flavor Results from CMS
Jun. 15 Stephen Holmes
Project X: Accelerator Goals and Challenges
Jun. 22 Bob Tschirhart
Project X Physics Study: Summary and Outlook
Jun. 29 No seminar
Jul. 2
Mon. 9:00am
Eric James

Wade Fisher
Michigan State University

CDF and D0 Higgs Results with the Full Tevatron Data Set
Jul. 6 James Degenhardt
University of Pennsylvania
New results from ATLAS: W’/Z’ and MSSM Higgs searches
Jul. 9
Mon. 3:30pm
Andrei Gritsan
Johns Hopkins University

Jianming Qian
University of Michigan

Latest results in the search for the Higgs boson at CMS

Latest results in the search for the Higgs boson at ATLAS

Jul. 12
Thurs. 3:30pm
Bob Hirosky (DZero)
University of Virginia

Homer Wolfe (CDF)
The Ohio State University

Review of ICHEP 2012 CDF and DZero Results
Jul. 13 Meenakshi Narain
New CMS Results at ICHEP
Jul. 20 Marc Schumann
University of Zurich
Recent Results from the XENON100 Dark Matter Experiment

(in association with the Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs, and WISPs)
Jul. 27 Valeri Lebedev
Optical Stochastic Cooling
Aug. 3 No seminar
Aug. 10
Mousumi Datta

Marco Verzocchi

Review of Tevatron Summer 2012 Results
(in conjunction with HCP Summer School)
Aug. 17
Tulika Bose
Boston University
Review of LHC Summer 2012 Results (in conjunction with HCP Summer School)
Aug. 24 Eun-Joo Ahn
Measurement of the proton-air cross section at 57 TeV with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Aug. 31 Warren Huelsnitz

Search for Muon Antineutrino Disappearance in the Booster Neutrino Beamline with MiniBooNE and SciBooNE
Sep. 7 Kalanand Mishra

Search for New Physics in Di-Boson Events at CMS
Sep. 14 Peter Onyisi
University of Texas at Austin
Recent W and Z production and decay results from ATLAS
Sep. 21 Patrick Huber
Virginia Tech
Large theta13 — challenge and opportunity
Sep. 28 Markus Klute
A future Higgs factory: CMS at LEP3
Oct. 5 Rustem Ospanov
University of Pennsylvania
Latest Higgs results from ATLAS
Oct. 12 CPM2012 Town Meeting
Oct. 19 Mark Williams
Probing matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe using muons from B meson decays at D0
Oct. 26 Hogan Nguyen
A New Measurement of the CMB Polarization at 90 GHz by the QUIET Experiment
Nov. 2 Venkatesh Kaushik
University of Arizona
Top Physics Results from ATLAS
Nov. 9 Kenichi Hatakeyama
Physics with the Upgraded CMS Detector
Nov.16 Alain Blondel
University of Geneva

Weiren Chou

Higgs factory: physics and accelerators
(in association with HF2012)
Nov. 23 Day after Thanksgiving
No seminar
Nov. 30 Joe Grange
New antineutrino cross section results from MiniBooNE
Dec. 7 Michael Begel
Stop searches at ATLAS
Dec. 14 Steve Brice
The neutrino program at Fermilab
Dec. 21 Mayda Velasco
Recent Studies of the Higgs Boson at CMS
Dec. 28 Winter break
No seminar